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Online Examination Management System Documentation

This user guide contains tutorials on how to use the Test Invite Online Exam Software. This guide includes all the necessary information about creating a new account, using the Question Bank, creating exams, designing exam processes, giving online exams, reporting & analysis of exam results and pricing.
Online Examination System Documentation consists of 6 main sections. Each section has its subsections. If you can’t find the information you are looking for or you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.
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Starting to use the Exam Software
  • Creating a new Account
  • How it works and workflow
  • Organization Management
  • Organization Users
  • User Roles and Tags
  • Importing & Exporting Users
arrow_forward_ios ORGANIZATION & USERS
Question Types and Question Bank
  • Question Bank
  • Folders and Question Tags
  • Creating a new Question
  • Question Editor
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Input Questions
  • Use of Multimedia in Questions (audio, video ..)
  • Scoring
  • Dimensions
  • Importing / Exporting Questions
arrow_forward_ios QUESTION BANK
Creating an Exam
  • Exam Editor
  • Exam Sections
  • Exam Pages
  • Going Forward-Backward during Exam
  • Time Limits
  • Shuffling and Sorting
  • Exam Questions and Content
  • Random Question Selection
  • Question Bank Integration
  • Mandatory Questions
  • Weighted Exam Scoring
  • Preview Your Exam
arrow_forward_ios CREATING AN EXAM
Examination Process Management
  • Task Management
  • Task Flow
  • Steps
  • Preconditions to continue
  • Availability Settings
  • Date and time-based Access Restrictions
  • Data Gathering Form
  • Entry Fees & Pricing
  • Monitoring and Security Settings
  • Tickets
  • E-mail Invitations
arrow_forward_ios TASKS
Reporting & Analysis
  • Live Surveillance & Proctoring
  • Live Monitoring
  • Exam Results
  • Exam Results Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Exporting Results & Answers
arrow_forward_ios REPORTING
Exam Software Pricing
  • Prices
  • System Credits
  • Marketplace Credits
arrow_forward_ios PRICING
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