Multiple choice questions

Creating answer choices

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

In a multiple-choice test question, the test-taker selects one or more options from a list of provided choices to answer the question.

To make a multiple-choice question, go to your Question Bank and click on the red plus sign situated at the lower right-hand corner of the page.

Customizing the available choices

The choices section in the Multiple-Choice Question Editor is composed of several parts, each of which plays a significant role in creating the multiple-choice question.

  1. To create a new answer option, click the 'Add New Choice' button. The content for the choice is configured on the left-hand side of the button.
    1. The list of available options are presented.
      1. You have the ability to designate any option as correct or incorrect. If you mark a choice as correct, it will automatically be assigned a score weight of 100%. Conversely, if you mark a choice as incorrect, it will be assigned a score weight of 0% by default. You can further customize the score weights by entering a value on the right.
        1. You have the option to set the minimum and maximum number of answer options that can be selected by the responder.
          1. By specifying a threshold score percentage, you can ensure that the test-taker is not awarded any points unless they achieve the designated threshold.
            1. Enabling the shuffle choices option will randomize the order of the answer options for each responder, while the side effects option allows you to set custom point effects for individual options.

              Adding a new choice

              Enter the content of the answer option in the content editor and click on the 'Add New Choice' button located next to it.


              Answer options can take the form of simple text, rich text, images, audio clips, or video clips, allowing for greater flexibility in crafting questions and providing a variety of stimuli to the responder.

              Editing, ordering and deleting choices

              Each choice in the Multiple-Choice Question Editor has several buttons located on its right side.

              • You can click on the edit button (pencil icon) to modify the content of any choice.
                • Similarly, you can use the up and down arrows to rearrange the order of the choices.
                  • If you wish to delete a choice, simply click on the red delete button.
                    Enabling the Shuffle Choice option will result in the answer options being presented to each test-taker in a randomized order.

                    Configuring the minimum and maximum number of answer options that can be selected

                    By adjusting the minimum and maximum values, you can precisely determine the number of answer options that the responder is permitted to select when answering the question.

                    To require the responder to select a specific number of answer options, you can set both the minimum and maximum values to that number.

                    Previewing the question

                    To preview your question, you can activate the Preview option located in the upper-right corner of the Question Editor. The preview panel provides an opportunity to understand how your configuration choices take effect and verify that the question functions as intended.

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