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Created by Mustafa Ekim / November, 2023

At TestInvite, we're committed to nurturing the startup spirit, and that means we're always eager to explore new ideas, collaborations, and partnerships. We invest significant effort in listening to all parties, whether you're a skilled individual with dreams of launching your own business, a business owner in search of partners in related fields, or an established company interested in selling our solutions or vice versa. Reach out to us with your collaboration proposals, explain why you're a great fit for us, and let's turn your ideas into reality together.

Some Collaboration Model Examples

Start Your Own Business

Are you intrigued by business opportunities and do you have expertise in assessments or software products? You have the opportunity to launch your own venture in your country by selling TestInvite and developing innovative solutions with it. Many individuals have already embarked on their entrepreneurial journeys using TestInvite, and there are abundant prospects in each country to create diverse assessments and generate revenue from them.

Revenue-Share Partner

Assessment creators have the flexibility to craft top-tier assessments and market them in two ways: directly to individual consumers or through our marketplace to other organizations. In either scenario, creators can handle payment collection independently or choose to collaborate with TestInvite for payment processing. If TestInvite plays a role in payment collection, it triggers a revenue-sharing arrangement that designates the creator as a revenue share partner. For comprehensive insights into this use case, we encourage you to explore our article on assessment monetization.

Solution Partner

Solution Partners act as account managers for their clients. For instance, a language school that conducts foreign language assessments for a high school's students is a prime example. Another scenario might involve a recruitment agency providing assessments to a client's candidates. In these cases, becoming a Solution Partner can offer significant advantages. As a Solution Partner, you can purchase credits for multiple accounts simultaneously, taking advantage of larger volume discounts. By managing accounts for multiple clients, you'll consistently receive higher volume discounts compared to what your clients could access individually, thereby increasing your profit margin.

Sales Partner

A Sales Partner is responsible for introducing our product to potential clients and showcasing how its features meet their needs. If the prospect becomes a Testinvite customer, the Sales Partner earns a commission based on the customer's payments. To claim commissions, Sales Partners must inform Testinvite about all contacted prospects who convert to customers.

It's important to note that, unlike Solution Partners, Sales Partners do not have ownership of the customer's account and, consequently, do not have access to it unless the customer grants specific permissions.

Locale Reseller

A Local Reseller is a partnering company entrusted with the sales of Testinvite within a designated country. Differing from Sales Partners, Local Resellers have the authority to sell Testinvite's products to customers registered within their respective country. They serve as the primary contact for customers in that region.

For every transaction, the Local Reseller generates an invoice for the customer and collects the payment. Simultaneously, Test Invite issues an invoice to the Local Reseller at a flat discount rate.

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