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Introduction to Testinvite's API Testinvite is an online assessment software and it provides an API so that other applications can talk to Testinvite to automate some tasks.
The Basics of Testinvite's API There are some concepts and terminologies that you should be aware of before starting to code the integration. Understanding the overall workflow of Testinvite will make everything clearer for you.
Activating the API Services Learn how to activate the API service
Workflow for API Integration The most common workflow when using Testinvite's API
API Endpoints & Webhooks The API endpoints and Webhooks that you can use to integrate with Testinvite assessment software
API Authentication & Parameters The common parameters and the structure of the authentication object for using the API
API Endpoint for Creating Tickets The API endpoint you can use to create new tickets to give test-takers access
API Endpoint for Fetching Test Results Fetching Test Results Through API Calls
API Endpoint for Fetching Monitoring Assets Fetching monitoring assets via API calls
API Endpoint for Fetching Tasks Fetching tasks via API calls
Postman Collection for API Requests Postman collection of API requests created by Testinvite.

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