Creating test questions

Generating questions for your tests

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

With Testinvite's question authoring tools, you can create various types of test questions, save them in your question bank, and utilize them in multiple tests.

Creating a test question

To generate a new test question, navigate to your Question bank and click on the red plus icon located at the lower right corner of the page. Then, select one of the available question categories.

Main categories of test questions

Test questions are classified into three primary categories, each with its own subtypes and distinctive characteristics:

  1. Multiple choice question
    1. Matching question
      1. Input question

        Banking test questions

        You can store all of your questions in a central question bank by organizing them into folders and assigning multiple tags. This enables efficient management and easy retrieval of the necessary question sets when required.

        To assign the appropriate folder and tags for storing the question in the question bank, access the Folder tab within the question editor.

        Storing a test question within the question bank<br>
        Storing a test question within the question bank
        1. Choose an existing folder from the options provided, or enter a new folder name.
          1. All of the assigned tags are visible.
            1. To add a new tag, enter a tag name and value.
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