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Administer online secure exams to candidates, students or employees. Create your own tests or use the assessment library.

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Administer online proctored exams with webcam video and screen recording
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Online Exam Software for Instructors, Teachers and Trainers

Create and deliver your own exams online. Get detailed reports.

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Online Pre-employment Testing Software for Recruiters

Use our pre-employment tests to find the best talents.

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I've finally found a resilient online exam software. Exam editor and the question bank software are very powerful. The software is so flexible that we can administer both the pre-employment tests and post-tests in the same platform.
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organizations of various kind use Test Invite.

Use Safe Exam Browser to Deliver Online Secure Exams

Apply the security measures that fit into your requirement.


Webcam Video & Screen Recording

The webcam video and the entire screen can be recorded throughout the examination.


Safe Exam Browser that Locks Down the Screen

Enforce full screen to prevent participants opening new windows, tabs, apps etc.


Online Exam Proctoring & Live Monitoring

Monitor the on-going exams in real-time. Watch proctoring video streams in one screen.

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To ensure integrity in online exams: Password, PIN or invitation code based authentication, start/end dates, timers, shuffling, randomization and many more






tests delivered

Learn more about the exam security All the security measures

Online Test Maker Software

Institutions from 50+ countries use Test Invite

I would start administering online exams earlier if I knew that it is that easy.

The most critical part is being able get the support during the examinations. The support package is exactly what we are looking for.

We are using online assessments for many years. We have saved a huge amount of money by moving to Test Invite.

Why to Choose Test Invite Online Exam Software?

Operating since 2015, Test Invite provides sophisticated, robust and easy-to-use online exam software to more than 5000 customers from more than 50 countries, including companies, educational institutions and test centers. The secure exam environment provided by safe exam browser (also known as lockdown browser or full screen mode), online exam proctoring and many more advanced features are among the main reasons why customers choose our product.

Test Invite offers solutions for any kind of assessments such as business & corporate training tests , recruitment & pre-employment tests, lead generation, online certifications & courses, schools, universities and E-learning.

Test invite adopts self-improvement as principle by constantly adding new features to its online exam software and it seeks to provide its customers and test takers with a flawless online exam experience.

Online Exam Software That Contains All The Features You need To Create Any Kind of Online Tests

Test Invite online exam software meets all the needs for both exam admins and test takers with its countless features such as unlimited simultaneous exams, advanced authentication options, time limits, general and custom test access, instant feedback, advanced exam reports, question bank integration, restrictions for going back and forth between sections and pages, randomization of exam pages and questions, multiple choice, matching/sorting, input question types, inclusion of video, photo and audio files to the questions and answers.

Conduct Secure Online Exams with Safe Exam Browser

Our online exam software takes every precaution to ensure that the exams are taken in a secure environment with features such as safe exam browser (lockdown browser), webcam recording, screen capture, details exam logs, preclusion of exam texts and answers selection, preclusion of printing, disabling the right click during the exam and many more security features.

Market Place to Buy and Sell Professional Tests

Test Invite also offers a marketplace to buy and sell professional tests. In addition, companies can request an exam entrance fee from the users to take their exams online. So they can sell their exams online and collect exam fees to monetize their work.