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Traditional online exams often struggle with reliability, leading to untrustworthy results. TestInvite enables organizations to create and conduct online assessments that deliver reliable outcomes.
Two young individuals compared their exam scores Two young individuals compared their exam scores
Join the 5,000+ upgrading their evaluations
Our clients enhance their assessments with added security and deeper insights
Randomized question selection while generating the exam

Say goodbye to exams with identical questions

Ensure each test-taker receives a unique set of questions while employing equitable assessment practices for all.

Collect reliable insights

Thoroughly assess and evaluate multiple dimensions and traits to uncover strengths and weaknesses through comparative results, all while ensuring reliability with robust cheating prevention measures.
Online assessments generating multiple scores compared with others.
Safeguard your assessments from cheating
Cheating is easier than ever with search engines, AI chat bots like ChatGPT, and real-time communication tools. Without anti-cheating measures, your assessments become unfair, unreliable, and undermine your efforts. Protect exam integrity and get the dependable results you need.
TestInvite stands as the premier online exam solution, eliminating the need for test-takers to undergo any installation processes. It maximizes integrity through the integration of unique safeguards that seamlessly align with popular browsers.

Lockdown browser

Block access to external resources, apps, tabs, and browsers by locking down the browser during exams.

Screen recording

Test-taker screens are recorded and may be monitored during or after the exam.

Webcam recording

Test-taker webcams are recorded and may be monitored during or after the exam.

Multiple time limits

Reduce cheating potential by setting multiple time limits – one for the entire test and others for sections or pages.

Random question selection

Use question pools and randomly select questions to protect against prior knowledge of test questions.

Automatic cheating detections

Automate cheating detection with an A.I. algorithm that analyzes recorded proctoring materials.
During the exam, the screens and webcams of test-takers are recorded and monitored.
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Getting started with TestInvite is easy! Sign up for free and start creating your first assessment in seconds. Access video tutorials and detailed documentation to become an expert in online assessment.


Save over $20,000 with TestInvite, thanks to our low fixed fees and usage-based pricing model, which favors a 'pay only for what you use' approach.

No installation needed

Protect yourself from installation issues, version incompatibilities, and consumer rights violations with 100% web-compatible software.

Dependable evaluations across processes

Not all organizations prioritize reliable and accurate assessments for informed decision-making, but our customers do. TestInvite is trusted by reputable organizations in over 90 countries who understand the importance of a secured and data-driven approach to making smart decisions.

Transform your hiring process with TestInvite's versatile assessment platform. Craft custom assessments tailored to your organization's unique needs, whether it's evaluating technical expertise, soft skills, or cultural fit. Supplement these with our extensive library of ready-to-use hiring tests designed to identify the best candidates based on their knowledge, skills, personality traits, and more. With TestInvite, you gain the flexibility to create assessments that precisely align with your hiring criteria, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates advance through the selection process. Streamline your recruitment efforts, make informed hiring decisions, and build a team of top talent with TestInvite's comprehensive suite of assessment tools.

Transform your organization's learning and development efforts with TestInvite's robust assessment platform. Evaluate the effectiveness of your initiatives by validating learning outcomes, measuring progress across various subjects, and pinpointing both strengths and weaknesses within your workforce. With customizable assessments tailored to your specific objectives, TestInvite enables you to drive targeted interventions and personalized learning experiences for each employee. Gain valuable insights into competencies and proficiency levels, and empower your workforce to thrive in a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Revolutionize vocational training centers with TestInvite's specialized assessment platform. Build a comprehensive question bank spanning various subjects pertinent to specific job roles, enabling the creation of tailored assessments that assess competencies crucial for success in those roles. These assessments serve as invaluable tools for pinpointing areas requiring improvement, offering targeted practice opportunities, and ensuring candidates are well-prepared to excel in their chosen vocations. With TestInvite, vocational training centers can enhance their training programs, equip candidates with job-specific skills, and ultimately drive success in the workforce.

Elevate your certification programs with TestInvite's advanced assessment features. Utilize our smart randomization test engine to design certification assessments that prevent predictability in content, ensuring fairness and integrity while evaluating candidates across multiple dimensions. With TestInvite, you can create dynamic assessments that yield reliable and insightful results, enabling you to certify individuals with confidence and precision. Whether you're assessing technical proficiency, adherence to industry standards, or mastery of specialized skills, our platform empowers you to maintain the highest standards of certification while providing candidates with a fair and rigorous evaluation process.

Transform your admission process with TestInvite's cutting-edge assessment platform. Seamlessly conduct online admission tests or competitive assessments for thousands of participants simultaneously, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both administrators and candidates alike. With built-in proctoring features, TestInvite safeguards the integrity of every assessment, guaranteeing fair and reliable results. Whether you're admitting students to educational institutions or selecting candidates for competitive programs, our platform empowers you to maintain the highest standards of assessment while accommodating large-scale testing needs. Say goodbye to logistical headaches and hello to a streamlined admission process with TestInvite.

Empower test prep centers with TestInvite's versatile assessment platform. Create customized mock tests tailored to specific examinations, providing individuals with invaluable practice opportunities while pinpointing areas for improvement. Our platform enables seamless test generation, allowing students to simulate real exam conditions and hone their skills in a controlled environment. With detailed performance analytics, individuals can track their progress and focus their efforts on areas needing further attention. Whether preparing for standardized tests, professional certifications, or academic assessments, TestInvite equips test prep centers with the tools to maximize students' success and confidence on exam day.

In the dynamic landscape of modern workforce development, organizations recognize the strategic importance of acquiring young talent. Crafting tailored assessment workflows for hiring interns and recent graduates is paramount to identifying and nurturing promising individuals who can contribute to the company's growth and innovation. Unlike traditional hiring processes, recruiting interns and graduates demands a specialized approach that accounts for their unique skills, aspirations, and potential. By leveraging customized assessment workflows, companies can effectively evaluate candidates' aptitude, capabilities, and cultural fit, ensuring a seamless transition into the organization. TestInvite provides the perfect platform to design and implement these workflows, offering flexibility, scalability, and advanced features to streamline the recruitment process while maintaining the highest standards of fairness and integrity. With TestInvite, organizations can confidently attract, assess, and onboard the next generation of talent, positioning themselves for sustained success in the ever-evolving marketplace.

In the realm of competitive exams, precision and integrity are paramount. Crafting tailored assessment workflows for competition exams is essential to ensuring fair evaluation and identifying top performers. Unlike standard assessments, competition exams often entail a rigorous selection process with a large pool of candidates vying for limited positions or prestigious opportunities. This demands a specialized approach that accounts for the unique challenges of such exams, including preventing cheating and maintaining the integrity of the assessment process. With TestInvite's advanced platform, organizations can develop customized workflows that address these challenges head-on, leveraging features such as proctoring, secure test delivery, and smart randomization to ensure a level playing field for all participants. By harnessing TestInvite's robust capabilities, competition organizers can uphold the highest standards of fairness and accuracy, ultimately identifying the most deserving candidates and fostering a culture of excellence in competitive environments.

In the dynamic landscape of global business, English proficiency serves as a critical cornerstone for effective communication and collaboration. Organizations seeking to maintain a competitive advantage recognize the value of accurate and efficient English language assessments, particularly within their hiring processes.

We know mass hiring is a huge job, so we streamline it by providing pre-assessment tests, customized assessments, bulk invitations, secure proctored exams and detailed analytics. This ensures an efficient, reliable, and secure hiring process.

Revolutionize your professional associations with TestInvite's advanced assessment platform. By seamlessly integrating high-quality assessments, you can certify members' knowledge and skills with unparalleled precision. Validate the effectiveness of training sessions and workshops, and harness assessments to upskill professionals and maintain industry standards. With TestInvite, you empower your association to cultivate a community of highly skilled individuals while demonstrating the tangible value of your initiatives through comprehensive analytics and reporting. Elevate your association's stature and foster a culture of continuous learning and professional excellence with TestInvite.

Geneva Scurek
Senior Manager, Training, Exams, And Certifications, German American Chamber Of Commerce Of The Midwest, Inc.
TestInvite is a very versatile platform with a super responsive team! We can test from anywhere, proctor from anywhere, and evaluate from anywhere, with safe limited access set ups. I also love that our organization is the administrator of the tests, we control all the set ups and access. The customization options fit our unique testing needs. The points payment process is also very straight forward and easy to budget with. No other test/proctor service is comparable.
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