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Creating test questions Generating questions for your tests
→ Composing a test question Drafting a test question
→ Formatting the question text Styling the text of a question
→ Adding image Utilizing images in the test question
→ Adding audio clip Creating listening questions
→ Adding video clip Including video content into test questions
→ Attaching a file Adding a file into the question
→ Adding a sidebar Including additional content on the side
→ Adding feedback Configure feedback options for a question
→ Adding hint Providing additional clue or suggestion
→ Extra features Specialized features with a specific role
Multiple choice questions Creating answer choices
→ Scoring Calculation of scores and points
→ Quick paste tool Fast creation by pasting text
→ Importing in bulk Using the import templates
→ Dropdown list Displaying choices in a dropdown list format
→ Alignment of choices Vertical, horizontal and grid displays
Input questions Input questions and various ways the user can respond.
→ Text entry questions Questions with plain text entry answers.
→ Numerical entry question Create questions with numerical answers.
→ Validation of text and numeric inputs Use input validation to give custom error messages in case of wrong input.
→ Auto-evaluation rules Use input evaluation to automatically grade text and numeric input types .
→ Auto-evaluation by Javascript function Develop your own evaluator javascript function
→ Writing question Create questions with a rich text editor to allow customization of text and adding various media types to your answers.
→ Fill-in-a-table question Create Fill-in-a-table questions.
→ File upload questions Upload files as answers.
→ Coding questions Select a programming language and accept written code as an answer.
→ Speaking questions Record audio as answer with speaking questions.
→ Interview questions Record video as answer with speaking questions.
→ Take a picture questions Take a picture via webcam or a screenshot as an answer.
→ Importing input questions Importing input questions through excel file
→ Creating a rubric You can create rubrics to create grading guidelines.
Matching and sorting questions Create questions with diversive option pools and match or sort them as answers.
Content groups Grouping related questions and content
→ Fill in the blank questions Grouping text entry and MCQs
Scoring and point system Calculating test question scores and points
→ Dimensions Utilizing dimensions in scoring
→ Side effects Measuring tendencies and traits

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