Troubleshooting access to cloud services

Identifying and resolving cloud services connectivity issues

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

Testinvite utilizes cloud services for delivering, monitoring, and proctoring online tests. It is necessary to have a device with unrestricted access to the internet and cloud services, specifically Google Cloud in our case, to ensure seamless test-taking experience.

One of the initial steps for test-takers to begin an online test is to ensure the connectivity of cloud services. The testing client attempts to establish a connection with the cloud services, and upon success, the test-taker proceeds to the next step.

In case the connection cannot be established, the test-taker will receive a warning message that prevents them from proceeding with the test.


Make sure the following requirements are met to proceed with the cloud services connection control step:

  • Click this link and ensure that you see the Testinvite logo. If you cannot access the link, ensure that restrictions are not applied on your internet connection.
You may encounter issues with accessing cloud services if you are using a VPN service as some VPNs may block access to these services. If you are unable to proceed with the connectivity control step, try disabling your VPN and starting the test again.

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