Organization page

Learn how to navigate through your organization dashboard and learn their general use. Only admin can see this page.

Created by Batuhan Özgü


  1. Click Organization.
    1. You will be forwarded to the Organization dashboard.

      Organization page

      Organization page is the entry point for configuring organization wide settings.

      Organization Dashboard
      Organization Dashboard

      Main sections 

      Settings: Configure the default language, time-zone, sing-in URL, etc. of your Organization.

      Profile: General information about your organization.

      Billing: Setup billing information.

      Users: Administer Roles and Permissions.

      Partners: Add and manage partners to cooperate with. 

      Earnings: Check your organization's earnings through Testinvite.

      Products: Display your question packs approved as products.

      API: Enable and configure API to build up custom integration with Testinvite.

      Notifications: Setup periodic email notifications that will inform you about your credit balance.

      Documentations: Create documents you can use organization wide. 

      Consent: Configure consents to be taken from the Test-takers.

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