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Core concepts and modules

Created by Mustafa Ekim / July, 2022

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You can sign up for free and register your organization. Upon signing up, a new organization will be registered and you will be designated as the super admin for the organization. Every organization has its own content, including question banks, tests, and tasks, which are overseen by either the super admin or teammates who have been registered for the organization by the super admin.

A quick overview

Every organization possesses its own question bank, where diverse question types can be generated and saved. You can create custom tests using your own stored questions. After preparing your test, you can start designing an assessment process by creating a Task, which serves as a blueprint for the assessment process and encompasses all the tests and necessary configurations for determining how the assessment will be accessed and administered. Finally, you can register and invite candidates to your Task, allowing them to access the tests included within it.

As soon as a candidate initiates one of your tests within the Task, a new Test session is generated. These test sessions can be observed in real time, and the candidates can be monitored live.

Once a test session has ended, you can automatically view a detailed Test report that contains the candidate's scores, along with the questions and answers from the test. If there are questions that need to be manually graded, the evaluations can be submitted for each answer, and the report will be automatically updated.

Core concepts to keep in mind

Question bankA centralized database for storing and retrieving your test questions.
TestA collection of questions organized into sections and pages.
TaskThe command center for an assessment process, where you can add one or multiple tests and register candidates to provide them access to your tests within the set configuration.
StepEach test within your Task is referred as a Step. Each step has its unique configuration that dictates the circumstances under which the test will be administered, including security, proctoring, and access options.
CandidateCandidates are individuals authorized to access your Task and complete the tests included within it.
Test sessionEvery time a candidate initiates a test within your Task, a new test session is generated. A test session encompasses all the questions and the candidate's answers, as well as the logs and proctoring materials that are recorded during the testing.
Test reportOnce a test session is finished, the system automatically generates a Test report that encompasses all the scores that have been automatically calculated, along with all the questions and answers

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