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Great start for simple scenarios

$37 per month

Billed at $450 / year
Testing credits Included 1,000 credits
Storage Bank Questions 250 Own Tests 5 Teammates 2
Support By email

Key features for enhanced assessments

$79 per month

Billed at $949 / year
Testing credits Included 1,000 credits
Storage Bank Questions 1000 Own Tests 20 Teammates 5
Support By email
Expert Guidance

Unlock advanced scenarios with expert guidance

$159 per month

Billed at $1908 / year
Testing credits Included 1,000 credits
Storage Bank Questions 10,000 Own Tests 100 Teammates 10
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Tailored agreements Customize legal terms and conditions to match your organization's needs.
Dedicated account representative. Benefit from a direct line of communication
Custom development Initiate discussions with our technical and product teams to explore tailored solutions.
A great way to get going with TestInvite
Create your own content
Bank 25 test questions, create 1 custom test, and one teammate account.
Pre-made tests
Use pre-made free tests for quick exploration
Free consultation
Gain insights with one hour of online consultation from our assessment specialists.
All testing features
Experience all of our features with 100 free testing credits.

Credit Packs

All plans include 1000 credits. Buy more credits as required, get discounts on credits when buying in larger quantities.
Between 500 & 4,999 credits 0.90$/credit
500 credits $450
Between 5,000 & 19,999 credits 0.50$/credit 44% off
5,000 credits $2,500
Between 20,000 & 99,999 credits 0.35$/credit 61% off
20,000 credits $7,000
100,000+ credits 0.20$/credit 78% off
100,000 credits $20,000

Calculate Your Annual Budget

Your yearly spending depends on your chosen plan and any extra credits you may need. The number of tests you conduct per year and the security options you enable will determine the amount of credits you'll need.
Select the security options
Cheating Detections
Lockdown Browser
Total {{ customTestCreditCost }} credit per testing
Your plan includes {{ templateContent.planBasics.includedCredits.toLocaleString('en-US') }} credits
Required Credits ({{ customTestCreditCost }} x {{ positiveNoOfTestings }}) {{ (customTestCreditCost * calculator.noOfTestings).toLocaleString('en-US') }} credits
Your plan includes {{ templateContent.planBasics.includedCredits.toLocaleString('en-US') }} credits
Extra Credits {{ ((customTestCreditCost * positiveNoOfTestings )-( templateContent.planBasics.includedCredits)) }} credits
Remaining Credit Balance {{ (templateContent.planBasics.includedCredits - (customTestCreditCost * calculator.noOfTestings)).toLocaleString('en-US') }} credits 0 credits
{{ }} plan ${{ templateContent.planBasics.costPerYear.toLocaleString('en-US') }}
Additional credits ${{ templateContent.extraCost.toLocaleString('en-US') }}
Total ${{ templateContent.totalCost.toLocaleString('en-US') }}
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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started is easy! Begin by signing up for your free trial. This allows you to explore our product's features at your own pace. Once you're ready, simply choose the subscription plan that best suits your assessment needs.

TestInvite offers tiered subscription plans (Basic, Essential, Advanced, and Enterprise) that cater to different testing needs and volumes. Each plan includes a set of features and functionalities, along with an initial allocation of 1000 credits for conducting tests. When you run out of credits, you can easily purchase credit packs

A TestInvite credit acts as a form of currency within the system. Each credit allows you to conduct one test with a candidate. Additionally, credits are used to enable advanced security features during your assessments.Your TestInvite account has a credit balance. Every time you conduct a test, the system deducts the appropriate number of credits based on the security features used. If you run out of credits, you can easily purchase additional credit packs to continue testing.

The number of credits you need depends on the number of tests you plan to conduct per year and the security features you want to use during each test. To calculate your exact credit requirement, you can use our handy TestInvite Credit Calculator above in this page. Simply enter the estimated number of tests and your preferred security features, and the calculator will automatically determine the number of credits you'll need.

Yes, we offer volume-based discounts on credit packs. The larger the credit pack you purchase, the greater the discount per credit. To see our available credit packs and their corresponding discounts, please visit the Credit Packs section above on this page.

Our support offerings vary based on your chosen subscription plan. For Basic and Essential plans, we offer email support for timely assistance with your inquiries. If you're on our Advanced or Enterprise plans, you'll receive email support along with the option to schedule live meetings for in-depth guidance and troubleshooting.

You can easily purchase subscriptions and credit packs using all major credit cards. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, please contact us for assistance.

TestInvite takes data privacy very seriously. We are GDPR compliant and employ robust security measures to safeguard your information. These measures include: data encryption (all sensitive data is encrypted during storage and transmission), secure facilities (our servers are located in secure facilities with restricted access), employee access controls (data access is limited to authorized personnel on a need-to-know basis), and regular data deletion (we delete personal data upon request or after a specified period, in compliance with regulations). To learn more about our data protection practices, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Absolutely! We offer a free trial. You can sign up without a credit card and explore the product's features. If you'd like further guidance on your assessment needs or want to see the product in action, contact one of our sales representatives for a free consultation and demo session.

TestInvite is built to handle large-scale assessments with thousands of test-takers at the same time. Our cloud-based system automatically scales to accommodate high traffic, ensuring a seamless experience. We also offer tools for organizing test-takers into groups, real-time progress monitoring, and robust anti-cheating measures to maintain the integrity of your assessments, even with a large number of participants.

Yes, we can organize the entire exam for you. For further details on this service, please contact our sales team via email at They will assist you with any inquiries you may have regarding the setup of your assessment.

We're always looking to improve TestInvite and welcome your feedback! If you have feature requests in mind that would strongly align with our product's direction, we'd be happy to discuss them. We offer custom development options to enhance TestInvite's capabilities, provided your suggested features add value for our broader customer base. Please reach out to your solution representative to explore custom solutions that could make TestInvite an even better fit for your needs.

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