Online Exam Software Pricing: Pay only for what you use
Experience how the exam software works
The Simplest Pricing Ever: Pay only for what you use
No monthly fees, no subscriptions, no plans. We never charge you automatically, periodically or what so ever. Use the platform as long as you want and buy credits only when you need.
In terms of pricing, there are 2 types of services
  • Create unlimited users
  • Create unlimited questions
  • Create unlimited tests
  • Create unlimited tasks
  • Upload unlimited media files
  • Use Import / Export utilities
  • Use the live monitoring system
  • Use the exam analysis module
  • ...
  • Conducting a test
  • Recording webcam video during the exam
  • Recording screen during the exam
  • Taking webcam photos during the exam
  • Sending an e-mail
  • Using GELT ® English Level Test
  • Using ASPET ® Cognitive Ability Test
  • VIP Support: Let us create your exam
If a service that requires credit occurs, the system will check your credit balance and will permit only if there is enough credits. For example, if a user would like to start a test, the system will check your credit balance first; if there is enough credit, the user will be allowed to take the test. Each service requires different amount of credits.
Now you wonder, how much credit will be redeemed for each service. Well, that depends on the type and the country of your organization. We offer lower rates for countries having lower GDP per capita. Similarly, schools, hospitals and startups get better rates than large enterprises. Even though our approach will not solve the global inequality problem, we do our part.
See how that will apply for your organization:
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Unit credits for services that Requires Credits
Unlimited testing for a given period
Service Unit Credit
Conducting exam {{rates.prices[0].toFixed(2)}}
Taking photos during exam {{rates.prices[1].toFixed(2)}}
Recording webcam during exam {{rates.prices[2].toFixed(2)}}
Sending e-mail {{rates.prices[3].toFixed(2)}}
Conduct Unlimited Tests Price ($)
3 days ${{rates.prices[4].toFixed(0)}}
1 Month ${{rates.prices[5].toFixed(0)}}
3 Months ${{rates.prices[6].toFixed(0)}}
1 Year ${{rates.prices[7].toFixed(0)}}
info 1 CREDIT = $1. We apply additional discounts when you pay more than $1000 at once. Contact us ( to learn more.
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