Creating a test

Test creation and design

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

To create a new test

  1. Navigate to the Tests module using the left menu inside the Testinvite application
    1. Click on the red plus button situated at the lower right-hand side of the page.
      1. Input the name for the test and also the name for the initial section of the test.

        Once you have created your test, the test designer interface will open.

        Overview of the test designer

        Using the test designer, you can design the structure of your test by constructing sections and pages, and adjust the settings of each component to meet your needs.

        A test is structured as a compilation of sections, with each section containing its own set of pages. Pages, in turn, possess their own unique content, such as test questions.

        Constructing sections and pages of the test

        The left-hand side of the interface (1) displays the comprehensive layout of your test, containing all the sections within the test and the pages contained within each section.

        Adding pages into one of your sections

        To include additional pages within a section, simply click on the red plus symbol (2) located below the final page of the respective section.

        Adding a new section to the test

        To append a new section to your test, select the red plus icon (3) located at the bottom of the interface.

        Presentation of the internal configuration of the test, sections, and pages

        The middle panel (4) exhibits the most significant settings of the corresponding item, arranged in line with the respective component.

        Configuring the test, sections and pages

        The panel located on the right-hand side (5) permits you to customize the settings of the entire test, in addition to each section and page contained within the test.

        • The pencil icon is exclusive to the pages and enables you to modify the content of the page, such as adding questions.
          • The red eye icon positioned in the top-right corner enables you to preview your test in real-time, just as your test-takers would experience it.

            Configuring folder and tags to store test in bank

            You can use the bottom row (6) to configure the folder for storing your test in your tests bank, and associate tags with your test to aid in the administration and organization of your tests.

            • Creating a test

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