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A quick look at the process of administering assessments

Created by Mustafa Ekim

Testinvite employs Tasks to design and execute a testing and assessment process. A brief summary of the assessment administration process is as follows:

Creating the assessment process

Before administering any tests, you must create a Task, add the desired tests to it, and configure all delivery settings such as security, proctoring, and reporting options for each test. The tests included in the Task are called "Steps."

The Task acts as a blueprint for the assessment flow that you wish to conduct. Candidates registered for the Task will be able to take all the tests that are included in the Task, following the established testing settings.

Setting up access and authentication for the task

Each task has its own access settings, allowing you to configure how candidates will gain access to the task. You have various options available, such as granting public access, restricting access with unique invitation codes, or implementing a custom authentication method using credentials such as usernames, passwords, or PIN numbers. You can include additional forms for candidates to fill out in order to gather additional information about them.

Registering candidates

Once your task is set up, you can begin registering candidates either individually or in bulk. Customizable invitation emails can be sent to registered candidates.

Monitoring and proctoring

You can track events occurring within your Task, such as candidates gaining access to the task, starting a test, progressing through the test, and completing a test.

Accessing the test results

You can access all collected questions and answers and evaluate open-ended subjective questions for final grading, and provide written reviews for the submitted answers.

Publishing the results

If desired, you can permit test-takers to access their test results to the extent you prefer, such as reviews, feedback, comments, comparison of their score to others or norms, etc.

While this is not an exhaustive list of what you can do within a Task, I hope it serves as a useful introduction to Testinvite's administration of assessment processes. We will delve into more specifics in future articles within this guide.
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