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Introducing Testinvite

Created by Mustafa Ekim / February, 2023

Testinvite is a software for conducting online assessments that allows you to create personalized assessment procedures for evaluating an individual's knowledge, skills, and traits.

Organizations have the option to either design their own customized tests or utilize tests that are already present in the marketplace and test libraries.

Assessments are carried out using Tasks, which involve designing the overall assessment process and assembling tests along with the delivery conditions.

Testinvite allows for assessments to be conducted in a highly secure environment, where the screen is locked and recorded throughout the examination process. Additionally, web camera footage is recorded and analyzed by artificial intelligence-powered cheating detection algorithms.

Testinvite gives test administrators complete control over the assessment process, starting from candidate registration and email invitations, to configuring access and authentication methods, and overseeing proctoring and monitoring of test takers.

The cloud-native infrastructure of Testinvite enables the administration of assessments for thousands of test-takers simultaneously, while also enabling proctors to supervise and monitor test-takers in real-time.

Upon completion of assessments, Testinvite generates reports that are highly customizable and offer detailed insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and traits of participants. These reports also facilitate comparison of individual scores against benchmarks or other individuals, using either automatically generated or uploaded norms.

Subjective questions can be evaluated either through manual grading or by using custom rubrics that simplify the assessment process and promote an impartial approach. Test-takers can be granted access to their test reports, including feedback and reviews of their answers, based on the extent of configuration.

Testinvite fosters collaboration by enabling organizations to register multiple team members and assign roles that align with their responsibilities.

Testinvite adopts a "try before you buy" approach, which allows users to sign up for free and begin creating their custom assessments. Our customer support team is available to ensure the success of your assessment. You can reach out to us via email or book online meetings to receive the assistance you need to make your assessment process a success.

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