Recovering deleted data

This article provides information on the process of data recovery, what to expect when contacting support, and what information to provide to ensure the best outcome for recovery

Created by Mustafa Ekim / February, 2023

Testinvite follows a step-by-step process for organization users deleting potentially critical resources, allowing for data recovery. These resources are:

  1. Task
    1. Test
      1. Question
        1. User
          1. Account (also known as Organization owner)

            Upon deletion of one of the above resources, Testinvite first eliminates all indexing and references for quick access. Then, the resource is relocated to a temporary storage area. Upon the expiration of the archive's defined lifespan, the resource is permanently deleted.

            In the event of accidental deletion of one of the above resources, recovery is possible as long as the defined lifespan has not passed.

            Although recovery of the resource may be feasible within the defined lifespan, restoring the resource from the archive storage to the account, reestablishing references, rebuilding indexes, and manually verifying proper functionality can still be challenging. Data recovery is performed by a senior developer on our team who is capable of ensuring complete recovery.

            Service fee for recovery

            Senior developer hourly rates apply for data recovery services.

            Requesting data recovery

            To recover a deleted resource, please promptly contact our support and provide all relevant information for correct identification.

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