Changing your plan

Upgrades and downgrades

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

At any time, you may upgrade or downgrade your current subscription to any plan.

The billing cycle will remain unchanged regardless of whether you upgrade or downgrade your subscription.

Upgrading your subscription

When you upgrade your subscription, prorated charges are applied based on the remaining time in the billing period for both the original and new subscription.

For example, if you upgrade from the Pay-as-you-go plan, which costs $450 per year, to the Essential plan, which costs $948 per year, halfway through the billing cycle, the prorated charge would be $249.

To calculate the prorated charge, you would divide the cost of each plan by 2 since you are upgrading halfway through the billing period. The Pay-as-you-go plan would be $450 / 2 = $225 (for half the year) and the Essential plan would be $948 / 2 = $474 (for half the year). Therefore, the prorated charge for the upgrade would be $474 - $225 = $249.

This means that you would need to pay an additional $249 to upgrade from the Pay-as-you-go plan to the Essential plan halfway through the billing period.

Testing credits on subscription updates

Upgrading from the Pay-as-you-go, Essential, or Advanced plans will not give you any additional free credits since these plans already offer the same amount of free testing credits as part of their package.

Downgrading your subscription

A subscription can be downgraded at no extra cost, but there will be no refund provided.

Free testing credits on subscription downgrades

  • Downgrading to the Pay-as-you-go, Essential, or Advanced plan will not result in any changes to your available testing credits.
    • Only if you choose to downgrade your subscription to the Free plan, your testing credit balance will be reset to zero.

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