Guides to get started and learn more about Testinvite assessment software.

Getting started
Comprehensive, step-by-step guides for administering online assessments from the...
Authoring test questions
Creating and administering test questions
Question bank
Store, organize and administer your test questions in a central location
Test authoring
Creating, configuring and organizing your custom tests
Administering assessments
Step-by-step guides for creating and conducting assessments from start to finish
Organization management
Gain proficiency in managing your organization, including team member accounts...
API integration
Automate your test process with API Integration.
Testinvite assessment software offers both free trial and paid subscription...
Remedies for various issues that test administrators may encounter.
Terms, definitions, and explanations
Challenges faced by test-takers
Various issues test-takers may encounter and their solutions
Best practices
Gain valuable insights into the best practices for comprehensive assessment...
Talk to a representative
Figure out if TestInvite is a good match for your organization