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Main Benefits of Choosing TestInvite Against Others
Main Benefits of TestInvite

Online assessment solutions come in many shapes and forms - from very simple to highly complex. When it comes to choosing one that fits the most into...

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Writing Learning Objectives & Assessing Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Optimizing learning objectives and outcomes"

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How do certification bodies administer their online assessment-based...
Certification Bodies use Testinvite

Certification bodies around the world uses Testinvite online assessment platform to host, deliver and administer certification assessments. Discover...

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Why is TestInvite a great solution for pre-employment testing?
TestInvite for pre-employment testing

Administering pre-employment tests helps you find the right candidates with less time and effort only when it is done right. Discover the features...

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Random Question Allocation: A Game Changer for Secure Assessments
Random Question Allocation

Explore the advantages of our innovative feature Random Question Allocation and transform your assessments with TestInvite.

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Generating Multiple Variations of Tests
Variations in Test Generation

Enhancing fairness and integrity through multiple test versions

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Choosing the Right Online Test Platform
Choosing the Right Online Test Platform

Explore key factors and tips for selecting the ideal online test platform

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Alternate Forms | Exams with Alternative Questions
Alternate Forms

Explore the benefits of alternate forms and alternative questions in exams, focusing on how these methods enhance test security, fairness, and reduce...

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Question Randomization Techniques
Randomization Techniques

Explore various randomization techniques to help prevent cheating

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