Exporting Tabular Question & Answers

See the format of exporting Tabular Question & Answers

Created by Umut Alptekin / November, 2023

When getting a Question & Answer export using the Export Manager, the answers for tabular questions are formatted in a unique way. The values in the entire table are provided in the export, including the fixed/static cells, input cells where candidates are expected to fill, and the headers. 

For a given test with a tabular question with 2 fixed cells, 2 empty cells, and 5 input cells that a candidate has filled;

Example tabular question filled by a candidate

The export of test session(s) can be downloaded by selecting the desired test session(s), choosing the "Export Manager", choosing "Test Questions & Answers", making sure the "Answers" are included in the export, and clicking "Download".

Export Manager menu with the necessary settings to get the candidate answers

After downloading the export file, the answer will look like a set of rows. Depending on whether if there are any headers on the any of the rows or columns of the table, and the question's settings, the headers will automatically be added to the export. The inputs from the candidate will be wrapped with double quotes (" ").

Export file with the tabular question answer

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