Organization management

Gain proficiency in managing your organization, including team member accounts and their roles, with maximum efficiency.

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Organization page Learn how to navigate through your organization dashboard and learn their general use. Only admin can see this page.
Organization settings Learn about the Organization setting's inner workings.
Organization profile Learn about your Organization profile and customization options.
Partnerships Learn how to add new partners and the partnership system.
Users & Roles Learn how you can collaborate with your teammates by creating users and assigning roles & permissions.
→ Batch user management Learn how to manage users using JSON files.
→ User login Setting up a login page for users
→ Administering users Learn how to manage users.
→ Adding multiple users Learn how to add multiple users.
→ Adding a user Learn how to add a new user.
Billing Setting up billing information.
Notifications Setup periodic email notifications to inform you about your credit balance.
Documents Create documents you can use organization wide.
Taking consent Take consents from test-takers.
Adding new languages Learn the process on adding a new language by submitting translation files.

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