Testing credits

Purchasing and utilizing testing credits

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

Testing credits are essential for delivering your tests. You have the option to purchase them at any time, provided that your subscription is active.

All subscription plans come with a set amount of free testing credits, which can be used to deliver tests. When you have exhausted your free credits, you can purchase additional testing credits. Enjoy volume discounts across three tiers when making your purchase.

Buying extra testing credits

Acquire a minimum of 500 credits for just $450. There is flexibility to purchase any quantity of credits as long as it exceeds the 500 minimum requirement.

* Volume discounts

  • 5,000 testing credits = $2,500
    • 20,000 testing credits = $7,000
      • 100,000 testing credits = $20,000

        Consuming testing credits

        • Every time a candidate starts a test, 1 testing occurs.
          • 1 testing costs 1 testing credit by default.
            • Extra charges apply when additional security and surveillance options are enabled.

              Extra charges

              You can enable the following features on a per-testing basis. Once enabled for a test delivery, the additional testing credits are applied when the candidate begins the test.

              Webcam recording
              - Taking photos during the testing3 additional testing credits
              - Recording video during the testing8 additional testing credits
              Cheating detections *5 additional testing credits
              Screen recording
              - Taking screenshots during the testing3 additional testing credits
              - Recording screen in video format during testing8 additional testing credits
              Screen lock **2 additional testing credits

              * Artificial intelligence backed algorithms analyze the recorded proctoring materials and deter fraudulent activities.

              ** Enabling browser lockdown during testing forces the test to be taken in fullscreen mode, and if the user violates the fullscreen lock, the test session will be automatically terminated. The rules for terminating the session are customizable.


              Assuming the test delivery settings are as follows:

              • Photos are taken using the webcam of the test-taker during testing (+3)
                • Screen recording is not enabled (+0)
                  • Screen lock is enabled (+2)

                    Your account will be charged by 6 testing credits (1+3+2) when the candidate starts the test.

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