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Created by Mustafa Ekim / November, 2023

Testinvite empowers organizations to craft assessments that yield valuable insights into individuals. These detailed results underpin effective decision-making and facilitate the delivery of precise and constructive feedback. Unlike superficial assessments that provide a single overall score, Testinvite assessments offer a rich, multifaceted evaluation, providing a deeper and more insightful understanding of test-takers' abilities and characteristics.

Comprehensive dimensional assessment

In Testinvite, online assessments take a comprehensive and detailed approach to evaluate various aspects of individuals. This system utilizes a hierarchical structure, resembling a tree, to organize these aspects or dimensions. This architecture enables a thorough examination of a person's skills, personality traits, knowledge in multiple subjects, and more. Each aspect can be further subdivided into finer details, offering a deeper understanding of their intricacies.

Unlike standard assessments, which typically provide a total score for the entire test and optional section scores, Testinvite recognizes the need for more profound insights into test-takers' performance. To address this, it employs a dimensional framework. Test questions are categorized based on the dimensions they assess, and questions can belong to one or multiple dimensions. This approach allows for a comprehensive evaluation of test-takers across various aspects, making it easier to track questions associated with specific dimensions and providing a more nuanced understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Enhanced analysis with automatically generated norms

Assessments in Testinvite can automatically generate norms, calculating scores for the entire test, each section, and all dimensions. This includes computing averages and standard deviations, facilitating further analysis of both individual scores for comparison and an assessment of population performance.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses with comparative analysis

One of the key strengths of Testinvite assessments lies in their ability to compare an individual's scores not only for the entire test but also for each aspect or dimension in comparison to a norm group. This comparative analysis helps identify an individual's strengths and weaknesses relative to others.

Gaining insights into population performance with automatically generated norms

Apart from evaluating an individual's scores relative to others and gaining deeper insights into their overall test performance and performance within each dimension, automatically generated norms also offer valuable insights into the broader assessed population. These norms highlight areas where the population excels and where it falls short. The automatically calculated averages for each dimension, along with the standard deviation, provide a comprehensive analysis of performance across both individual dimensions and the entire test.

Assessing the performance of the assessment

The automatically generated norms not only offer insights into the overall population's performance but also provide valuable information about the assessment itself. This data helps identify sections and dimensions where the assessment's level of difficulty can be adjusted for a more effective evaluation.

Customizable assessment reports

Testinvite assessments are highly customizable. They can be tailored to incorporate specific calculation methods and design templates, ensuring that the assessment reports are not only clear and elegant but also align with desired outcomes. Additionally, these reports can optionally include textual interpretations of nominal scores and can be branded according to the organization's preferences.

Introducing custom logic into interpreting scores

In Testinvite, all assessments provide a wealth of data, ranging from scores in each dimension to the number of unanswered questions and the total points accumulated from specific question groups. These diverse measurements can be utilized as input for custom-written functions, enabling the creation of new interpretations. These unique interpretations can then be seamlessly integrated into the assessment reports, enhancing the depth and relevance of the insights provided. This also allows for the generation of customized textual interpretations that can be included in the assessment report, further enriching the feedback and analysis.

Incorporation of custom design templates for reports

With Testinvite, you can customize the visual aspects of assessment reports to reflect your branding, styling preferences, and specific formatting needs. This not only ensures visual appeal but also adds a touch of professionalism to your reports. Tailored assessments can leverage these custom design templates to highlight and emphasize the most important data points, making them stand out and ensuring that the audience can easily grasp their significance. This feature enhances the overall impact and effectiveness of assessment reports, enabling users to convey key insights and information in a visually appealing and coherent manner, all while meeting unique requirements.

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