Activating the API Services

Learn how to activate the API service

Created by Mustafa Ekim / September, 2022

In order to start using the API, you should activate the API service for your Organization

Follow the below steps to activate the API Service:

  1. Log into your admin account of Testinvite.
    1. Click Organization on the left menu. You will be offered several links. Click on API
      1. Click on Start button.
        Starting the free trial of the API Service
        Starting the free trial of the API Service

        The API service is free for the first 2 months so that you can test the service, develop your custom application and ensure that using API works well for your use case.

        After activating the API, you should create an Access Key. Click the + icon on the page to proceed.

        Adding an Access Key
        Adding an Access Key

        You can create one or multiple Access Keys. Each Access Key is assigned an automatically created Private Key and can be assigned by one or multiple Access Roles by you.

        Please find below the Access Roles and their coverage

        Fetch monitoring assets can fetch the photos and videos recorded during test sessions
        List taskscan fetch the list of Tasks
        List testscan fetch the list of Tests
        Query test resultscan fetch the Test results
        Write ticketscan create new Tickets for a Task

        After adding your Access Key, please open the Access Key editor and note your Private Key that is associated with the Access Key.

        Finding the Private Key
        Finding the Private Key
        You will be using the Private Key while communicating with Testinvite.
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