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Assessment Software for Education

Online assessment software allows you to administer various tests to evaluate your students remotely. In either remote education or hybrid education, online assessments take up a significant place. It is highly efficient in progress monitoring and reliable evaluations. Despite all the assumptions about online assessment tools, Testinvite offers you high security and easy use. You can easily proctor online exams and manage your questions through the question bank and ensure the security of your assessments while closely monitoring your students’ progress. With different types of questions such as objective questions and subjective questions, your student progress tracking and assessments will be efficient in many aspects. You will quickly adapt to the online test preparation and administration and start benefiting from it soon.

High-Quality Assessment in Recruitment

Online job interviews are becoming more preferred day by day with the convenience of online assessment tools. Pre-employment assessments are one of the most significant points in business and it should be given the importance it deserves. By assessing your candidates thoroughly, you can make sure to hire the right person for your company. Via an easy assessment creator, it is possible to conduct reliable, safe, and effective skills assessments in recruitment. With the talent assessment test you will create, you will be able to find the most talented and suitable candidates for your company. Owing to the high-quality online assessment tools, you don’t have to worry about hiring the right person for you.

Online Corporate Training Software

The assessment process of the employees does not come to an end with pre-employment assessments. If you want to develop your company and increase the efficiency of your employees, you will need to constantly evaluate and assess them if you want to train them and track their progress. In that process, you will first need to identify the needs of your organization. By conducting occasional in-company assessments regarding your company’s working conditions, you can have a clue about your employees’ needs and wishes. After identifying their needs through the assessments you have conducted, you can analyze the outcomes of your assessments and shape your development process accordingly.

Online Certification with Remote Assessment

Through Testinvite’s online certification exams, you can conduct safe and exhaustive exam processes for certification and licensure. Advanced online assessment tools allow you to provide high-security exams for a wide range of certification programs such as software certifications, education and training certifications, and language proficiency certifications. After easily generating your online exams, you can leave the security issues to Testinvite which will ensure the integrity of your assessments through its safe assessment browser. You can diversify the questions in your assessment using the advanced question editor; you can add media, accept answers in the photo, video, or voice recording formats or add open-ended questions. Therefore you can create a unique and reliable online exam for certification and licensure.