Talent and Skill Assessments for Employment

Use digital pre-hiring assessment techniques, measure the talent and skills of your candidates with our wide-ranging assessment solutions for employment.

Talent and skill assessment for hiring and recruitment
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Remotely Manage the Skill Assessments, Save Time and Reduce the Workload

Testinvite skill assessment software helps you administer remote and professional online assessment tests on a digital platform. Implement our digital solutions in your pre-hiring processes of your company, find the right people for the proper positions.

Find the Most Talented People with Skill Assessment Software

You can create multiple solutions for your talent assessments with Testinvite. Our talent assessment tools enable you to design and apply your assessment tests to your candidates. Moreover, Testinvite Assessment Library offers ready-to-use pre-employment tests to your company.

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Create your own assessments

Shape your own online tests with our easy-to-use online assessment tools.

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Use Professional Tests from Assessment Library

Integrate ready-to-use pre-employment tests to your talent acquisition process.

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Recruitment Tools

Assess Candidates with our Advanced Skill Assessment Solutions

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Provide the Security and Get Reliable Reports

Enable Security Measures

Track candidates via webcam video and screen records. Monitor with live proctoring methods. Activate lockdown browsers and log candidates’ activity.

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Generate Reliable Reports

Take customizable reports, evaluate candidates through individual and group-based advanced reporting.

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Pre-employment Personality Tests

Before hiring a person for your company, making sure to hire the right person for the right position is the most significant thing to consider. Interviewing each candidate and reviewing their resumes might give you hints about their abilities and past achievements; however, without conducting a pre-employment personality test, you cannot be completely sure about the suitability of that person to your company. Apart from measuring your candidates’ achievements, you have to make sure that you are hiring someone compatible with your company culture. Through the personality and general aptitude tests, you can get certain and credible information about the person you are about to hire. By using various assessment tools in recruitment, you can complete your hiring process with peace in mind.

Occupational Skills Assessment Tests

Occupational skills assessment tests are usually conducted by employers to evaluate the abilities and proficiency of employee candidates in the hiring process. These assessments are contemplated to assess the employees’ sufficiency to carry out the expected tasks. To better understand the employees and how they will fit into the company, these assessments should be conducted. Companies make great use of digital recruitment tools in online hiring processes. Using digital assessment tools, you can accelerate your recruitment process while receiving reliable information from your pre-employment assessments. Without any downsides, you save time and you get a sheer amount of information about your future employees.