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Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

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Help center onDynamic
Question Types for Exams, Tests and Assessments page
Creating Questions by Using the Question Maker Software page
Question bank software for digital assessment items management page
Creating Assessments with Testinvite's Exam Builder & Test Maker page
Administering, Proctoring and Conducting Tests, Exams and Assessments Online page
Conduct large scale assessments using the cloud based proctored examination platform page
Online Assessment Creator for Digital Assessments page
Question Bank For Storing And Managing Online Test and Exam Items page
Question Types and Formats in Exam Software page
Conduct Remote Assessment with Online Assessment Software page
Safe Assessment Browser to deliver computer-based online exams page
Instantly Generated Exam Reports page
Creating Learning Objectives & Assessment of Learning Outcomes
Exam Builder Software For Test Creation page
Conduct Exams Using Safe Exam Browser And Proctoring Software page
Pre Employment Testing Software for Recruitment and Selection Process page
English Level Tests for Recruitment and Selection Process page
Aptitude Tests To Assess Cognitive Abilities In Recruitment page
Free Online Pratice Tests, Exams, and Mock Test Series page
Features checklist
Hirewiser pricing page
Hirewiser pricing levels
Hirewiser homepage
2021-2022 pricing page
Hirewiser Pricing to the latest pricing page
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