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Configuration options for customized assessments

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

You can easily create online assessments by combining one or more tests and customizing the test delivery options along with the assessment flow.

Setting up methods for accessing your assessment

Testinvite offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of incorporating various methods for accessing your assessments and completing the tests.

  • Using unique invitation codes: This feature enables simple tracking of candidates through unique invitation codes generated by the system for each individual candidate.
    • Using one credential to grant access: An alternative is to create a unique credential for each candidate. This credential can be named to make it clear what information is needed to access the assessment.
      • Using two credentials to grant access to the assessment: This method is similar to a previously mentioned approach, however, it requires two credentials from each candidate instead of one. The second credential, typically a password or similar, is used to increase security.
        • Making the task publicly accessible: This option enables access to the assessment for anyone who visits the assessment link, allowing them to take the tests within.
          • Secure task access with a shared password among candidates: This method requires a shared password for a visitor to gain access to the assessment.

            Setting the default language for the user interface for test-takers.

            Testinvite allows for multiple languages to be used in the user interfaces for test-takers. Each assessment can have a default language assigned and when a candidate accesses the assessment page, the user interface will be displayed in that language by default. However, test-takers always have the option to change the language of the user interface to their preference.

            Specifying the dates during which the assessment can be accessed

            The availability settings of your assessment determine whether candidates can log in or not. You can choose to manually activate or deactivate login access, or set specific dates for when the assessment will be available. Both options can be used independently or in combination.

            Login instructions and company logo on the welcome page

            The welcome page serves as the initial point of access for all individuals taking your assessment. On this page, they will enter their login credentials, such as invitation codes or usernames, based on the authentication system established for the assessment. You can include custom elements, such as introductory information about the assessment, login instructions and company logo, to enhance the user experience.

            Collecting information upon accessing the assessment

            A form that requests personal information, such as full name and email, can be presented to each individual attempting to take the assessment.

            Composing guidelines for the entire assessment

            Upon successful authentication, candidates are directed to the assessment page displaying available tests. The page can feature a header with the company logo and instructions for the assessment.

            Integrate the assessment welcome page into your website

            You can embed the assessment page into your website using the provided embed code.

            Implementing multiple assessment flows

            A single assessment can implement multiple assessment flows through the use of programs. Multiple programs can be defined in your assessment, allowing specific tests to only be accessible by candidates assigned to the designated programs.

            Breaking down the assessment flow into stages

            It is possible to divide an assessment flow into several stages through which candidates can progress.

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