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Prevent cheating to avoid a bad hire

Did you know that more than 25% of the candidates attempt cheating in pre-employment tests? People who cheat get higher scores hence they become the ones in your short-list.

Webcam Recording

Webcam of the candidate is recorded throughout the testing. The recordings can be watched in real-time or after the assessment is complete.

Screen Recording

Screen of the candidate's device is recorded throughout testing. The recordings can be watched in real-time or after the assessment is complete.

Screen Lock

Prevent candidate from accessing other apps, tabs or browsers. Test session is automatically terminated in case of violation.

Auto Proctoring

Fine-tuned artificial intelligence backed algorithms to detect cheating attempts.

Randomized Questions

Questions are randomly selected for each test session. Questions pools are regularly updated.

Timers & Restrictions

All tests are timed. Navigation is restricted. Right-click, spell-check, copy-pasting and extensions like Google Translate and Grammarly are blocked.

Create customized recruitment assessments

Build automized selection processes to short-list the best candidates.

  • 1
    Add one or multiple tests

    Use the recruitment test library and your own custom tests.

  • 2
    Select a security level

    Select the best security level that most fits with your use-case.

  • 3
    Invite candidates

    Send e-mail invitations or share links with password protection.

  • 4
    Collect and compare results

    Compare test results againts auto generated norms.

Recruitment Test Library

Measure reliably the core cognitive abilities, skills and personality traits that your job function requires.

Aptitude Tests


Language Tests


Personality Tests


Skill Tests

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When you choose a job function you are offered the best combination of tests to use in your assessment.

Create your own test

Award-winning test authoring tools to build any kind of tests from very simple to highly complex.

Create tests from scratch

Customize your test report

Get excellent support

High-volume recruiting events

Cloud-based powerfull assessment platform to host large-scale recruiting events.

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Pay as you go

No subscriptions, no recurring payments. Pay only when you hire.

Starts from Light $0.60/candidate Pro $1/candidate Expert $1.80/candidate Safe $2.40/candidate
Webcam recording
Photo Photo Video Video
Screen recording
Screenshot Video Video
Auto flagging
Screen lock
Live chat with candidates
Detailed logging
Auto cheating detections
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Geneva Scurek - GACC Midwest German American Chamber of Commerce
We use Testinvite pre-employment tests since 2020. The tests are very well designed and pinpoint the right candidates to focus on. We are getting a lot of applications and hence pre-employment testing saves a huge amount of time. The security framework of Testinvite make us feel comfortable about getting dependable results. The customer service is excellent. I certainly recommend Testinvite.
Mehmet Emin Çiftçi

IS IT Audit & Risk Advisory Director

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