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Build secure and insightful pre-employment workflows by selecting from our extensive test library or creating your own custom assessments.
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Hiring tests library
Select from a variety of well-crafted aptitude tests, personality assessments, and language proficiency tests to measure critical candidate skills.
Design custom tests for specific skills
Enhance your hiring assessments with custom tests to measure job-specific skill
Safeguard your assessments from cheating
Cheating is easier than ever with search engines, AI chat bots like ChatGPT, and real-time communication tools. Without anti-cheating measures, your assessments become unfair, unreliable, and undermine your efforts. Protect exam integrity and get the dependable results you need.
TestInvite stands as the premier online exam solution, eliminating the need for test-takers to undergo any installation processes. It maximizes integrity through the integration of unique safeguards that seamlessly align with popular browsers.

Lockdown browser

Block access to external resources, apps, tabs, and browsers by locking down the browser during exams.

Screen recording

Test-taker screens are recorded and may be monitored during or after the exam.

Webcam recording

Test-taker webcams are recorded and may be monitored during or after the exam.

Multiple time limits

Reduce cheating potential by setting multiple time limits – one for the entire test and others for sections or pages.

Random question selection

Use question pools and randomly select questions to protect against prior knowledge of test questions.

Automatic cheating detections

Automate cheating detection with an A.I. algorithm that analyzes recorded proctoring materials.
During the exam, the screens and webcams of test-takers are recorded and monitored.
Customize and automate the assessment process
Tailor each stage of the process to maximize efficiency and ensure a smooth candidate journey. establish advancement criteria, gather consents, gather candidate data, and automatically categorize candidates, and much more.
Have insightful reports
Have insightful reports that go beyond a single score, providing you with the depth and detail you need to truly understand your candidates.
Get reports on individuals' orientations, strengths, and weaknesses.
Compare each individual against others.
Compare an individual's competencies to the job's requirements.
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Mehmet Emin Çiftçi
IS IT Audit & Risk Advisory Director
TestInvite has been a game-changer for our hiring since 2020. Their well-designed tests pinpoint the best candidates, saving us tons of time sifting through applications. Plus, their secure platform and excellent customer service give us peace of mind.
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