Assessment Software for Business & Corporate Training

Develop your employees, build the corporate training cycle with online assessments and promote the effectiveness of all business units.

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Train Workforce and Lift the Effectiveness of Your Business

Develop your employees, build the corporate training cycle with online assessments and promote the effectiveness of all business units.


Identify Organizational Needs

Define your business needs, skill gaps of employees and make provision against new business challenges


Construct an In-company Assessment & Training Cycle

Construct a continuous assessment and training cycle, consolidate skills and knowledge of your employees


Analyze Outcomes of Assessments

Periodically analyze assessment outcomes and reshape your training and assessment cycle temper to new requirements

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Build an in-company assessment cycle, contribute the organizational growth, enhance the capability of your business and workforce.

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Conduct Online Assessments for Organizational Growth

Use user-friendly software, save time, and conduct cost-effective online assessments for organizational growth. Thousands of industry-leading businesses use Test Invite online assessment tools for enhancing the effectiveness of their business units. Besides, our online solutions help you to create a learning & development cycle for your employees and make critical decisions for your business.

Test Invite in-company assessment platform allows you to get and evaluate reliable outcomes. With our in-company assessment solutions for businesses, you can;


Analyze In-Company Training Outcomes


Assess Employee Performance


Identify Skill Gaps of Employees


Enhance Effectiveness of Business Units


Make Promotion Decisions


Conduct Leadership Assessments


Design Product-Knowledge Assessments

Our Online Assessment Solutions for Your In-Company Assessments

Analyze the business performance of your corporation, identify the potential and effectiveness of your employees and build a continuous learning and development culture in your company.

Test Invite learning assessment software enables you to get holistic and reliable insights into your learning and in-company training methods. You can construct or reshape the training structure with detailed assessment outcomes.


Create Examination

Easy-to-use online exam editor allows you to design a wide range of examination processes.

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Proctor Online

A high level of security measures allows you to protect the integrity of your examination processes.

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Get Advanced Reports

Detailed reporting features allow you to make in-depth assessment analyses with individual and group-based results.

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Especially during the exam, the video recording feature met our needs for the security of our exam. Question banking has dramatically increased our measuring capacity. With the support service of the Test Invite, we were able to comfortably manage a 3000-person exam.

Ferah Yetkin Perçin

Dealer Training Development Specialist - Ford Otosan


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