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Testinvite is an easy-to-use quiz maker that allows you to create personality quizzes, quizzes for educational purposes, and skill quizzes.

You can use the platform as a multiple choice quiz maker or create quizzes with a great variety of question types. Besides, you can create subjective quizzes that allow you to assess participants in-depth. Make your quizzes with the online quiz maker, save time and customize your quizzes affordably.

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Testinvite online quiz maker allows you to conduct online quizzes anytime and anywhere you want. Use multiple question formats for your quizzes and design an end-to-end process to design a quiz for different purposes.


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How can I create a quiz online?

Building secure and credible online quizzes is easier than ever with Testinvite. You can create various tests according to your needs. It is possible to create customized quizzes with different types of questions such as multiple-choice questions and input questions. You design your online test the way you want with various question types in different formats; then you decide on the limitations such as time and accessibility. After deciding on the design of your test, you send invitation e-mails to the participants; you can set publicly accessible tests or you can create customized tests and decide who to access. After conducting your online test, you get the results report in which you will find detailed information about each participant and their performance in the assessment.

What are online security measures?

In the online test you conduct through Testinvite, you can be freed from any security concerns. While creating your quiz, you can take the first steps of maintaining security in your assessment by managing the questions. You can randomize the order of the questions and create a randomly chosen set of questions for each participant. That way, you can eliminate the possibility of two participants seeing the same question at the same time. After the preparation process of your online test, you can monitor the participants through remote proctoring tools. You can monitor the participants through their webcams or screen recordings as videos or photos. All the photos taken and the videos recorded during the assessment will be included in the detailed exam result report you will receive.