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Administer your certification programs with advanced online assessment tools. Deliver assessments, measure the capabilities of participants on any subjects you want, and certify their skills.

Assessment software for certification and licensure
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The Secure Way to Deliver Online Certification Exams:
Testinvite Online Assessment Tools

Testinvite online assessment software provides advanced assessment tools to certification & licensure programs for conducting comprehensive examination processes. These online examination tools have been easily used by a wide range of organizations and companies from different industries.

From internal certifications to software certifications, Testinvite allows you to deliver a secure exam environment to participants for certification and licensure.

Who we serve ?

Thousands of prestigious organizations including companies, certification programs, public sector, language schools and more, are using Testinvite assessment tools for conducting certification processes.

Testinvite client: Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories
Testinvite client: TimeXtender
Testinvite client: House of Training
Testinvite client: Tourist Guides Organization
Testinvite client: QRM Institute
Testinvite client: Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery
Testinvite client: BEC Environmental Group
Testinvite client: Heating, Cooling, Air-Conditioning Research and Education Foundation
Testinvite client: Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association

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Industry Certification
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Testinvite online assessment maker helps you make assessments for your certification needs.

You can conduct a wide range of certification programs with our assessment solutions.

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3 Simple Steps for Efficient Certification Exams

Advanced Exam Editor

Add Rich Media Content

You can add rich media content to a question or the asset library: such as photos, videos, and voice recordings. Besides, you can accept answers with videos, photos, voice records, and more.

“Upload File” Questions

You can generate questions with files for test-takers to download to work on, as well as have them upload a file from their device as an answer.

Use Advanced Question Editor

You can ask a wide variety of open-ended and multiple-choice questions. You can enable Code Editor, LaTeX and Equations Editor, or Text Field Editor for asking and getting answers for open-ended questions.

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Verify participants with authentication methods

You can verify participants with 1 or 2 credentials that you decide or with unique invitation codes.

Enable Webcam Video & Screen Recording

You can record videos or take photos from participants’ webcams and screens. Additionally, you can log all browser activities of participants.

Monitor participants simultaneously

You can simultaneously monitor participants and their exam environment through webcams and browsers during the exam.

Online & Remote Assessment Proctoring

Proctors can watch live both webcam and screen recordings videos of all the exam participants.

Proctored Secure Online Exams with Webcam Video and Screen Recording in Lockdown Browser

Customizable Assessment Reports

Personal Reports

You can evaluate personal reports for each participant with their total and dimensional scores.

Comparative, Group-based Reports

You can evaluate participants with comparison cards and examine their success in related to the average

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It is the most advanced exam editor I have ever seen. You can create all kinds of exam setups. Everything has been considered.
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General Manager, ITS

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