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KPMG is using Test Invite Exam Software
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The Most Advanced Online Exam Generator

Test Invite exam generator enables you to create formative and summative assessments. Besides, the exam generator software allows you to generate an exam automatically and free from bias in a secure examination platform for students and candidates.

  • Define and Collect Questions into Question Bank

  • Automatically Generate the Exam

  • Provide Security

  • Assess with Detailed Reports

Auto Page Builder

The auto page builder is an advanced feature that makes it easy for you to create custom exams. With this feature, you can;

Create a pool of questions from the question bank

Determine the number of questions from the pool that will be shown to canidates

Determine across how many pages will be generated for users

Choose if the pages will be spread across the whole section

Set time limits per question if desired

Generating Online Exams with our Auto Page Builder Tool

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