Safe Assessment Browser to deliver computer-based online exams

Use the secure assessment system, prevent cheating and protect the integrity of your exams.

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Image Description Safe exam browser prevents candidates from cheating through numerous preventative features and the monitoring ability

Who is using Test Invite?

Merck is using Test Invite Exam Software
Sanofi is using Test Invite Exam Software
Ford is using Test Invite Exam Software
University of Delaware is using Test Invite Exam Software
ModSquad is using Test Invite Exam Software
Foundry College is using Test Invite Exam Software

Eliminate exam security concerns and assess test-takers with confidance

Test Invite safe assessment browser enables you to conduct secure assessments and protect the full integrity of online exams. The secure browser gathers highly advanced security measures and serves recruiters and trainers for their online assessments.

Now recruiters and trainers can;


Prevent Cheating

Prevent all cheating attempts from beginning to end of the process


Disable Browser Actions

Disable browser activities that can threaten the integrity of the exam.


Real-Time Procotoring

Proctor in real-time and proctor with screen and webcam records

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Prevent Cheating by Test Operators


You can use different authentication methods and easily verify test-takers with;

  • One or two credentials that you define
  • Auto-generated, unique invitation codes

Shuffling Questions and Test Order

Collect and label your questions in an extensive question bank and automatically shuffle these questions in different test orders for each test-taker. Thus, you can set an exam for test-takers with the same difficulty level but with a different set of questions.

Image Description The authentication screen before taking an exam in Test Invite assessment software

Browser Fullscreen Lock

You can force the browsers of test-takers to full-screen lock. With this precaution, you can prevent test-takers from navigating to additional browsers, screens, and windows during the exam.

Logging Browser Activities

You can collect detailed information about test-takers' actions. The collected information includes, exam & section starting times, violations of full-screen lock if any, navigation details of test-takers, and more.

Image Description The authentication screen before taking an exam in Test Invite assessment software

Prevent Cheating by Test Operators

Real-time Proctoring

You can simultaneously monitor each test-taker and exam environment with real-time proctoring.

Proctor with Webcam and Screen Records

You can monitor test-takers with webcam video and entire screen recording. Besides, you can periodically take photos from webcams and browsers of test-takers during the exam

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CASE STUDY Bosnet uses Test Invite Exam Software
"Recording on webcam and using full screen lock are minimizing security concerns while applying exams to thousands of people at the same time."
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Disable Activities of Test-Takers

Additional Tabs & Browsers

Test operators can disable multiple windows and browsers on desktops. They can force the test takers to "full-screen lock" during the test.

Other Applications & External Devices

Test operators can detect supportive tools and external devices of test-takers during the session with advanced logging. (Such as auto-translation tools)

Cut, Copy and Paste

Test operators can disable cut, copy and paste actions of test-takers. Thus, test operators can protect their test assets against possible test rules violations.


Test operators can disable the printer activities of test-takers. Thus, they can protect the online and secure exam environment, prevent a form of paper-based cheating activity.

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