Conducting large scale assessments

Cloud-based proctored testing

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

Our cloud-based testing platform is designed to handle high concurrency and make it possible to conduct assessments for tens of thousands of people simultaneously. Find out how our approach ensures the scalability and reliability of our platform for large-scale testing.

Not every assessment software is equipped to handle high traffic or concurrency issues effectively. Inadequately designed assessment systems can quickly become congested, resulting in service outages and frustration for users. To conduct large-scale assessments, a system must be designed as a set of scalable services that can adapt to changes in volume. Otherwise, each component of the assessment process can become a bottleneck, causing the entire process to fail.

Testinvite's cloud-based platform can handle tens of thousands of assessments simultaneously, ensuring a smooth and efficient assessment process.

Testinvite's online examination system is designed to handle high concurrency efficiently. It is composed of multiple independent services, each dedicated to a specific aspect of the assessment process. These services can scale up or down automatically based on the incoming traffic, ensuring that the system remains responsive and available. With Testinvite, you can conduct assessments with large numbers of participants without worrying about performance or availability issues.

Our approach of building systems that automatically scale up and down optimizes the resources utilized, making our system capable of delivering tens of thousands of simultaneous assessments while also keeping costs at a minimum. By only consuming the necessary resources, our cloud-based proctored testing system is not only affordable but also always ready to handle high traffic without any issues.

Optimizing service level with reserved computing resources

Auto-scaling infrastructure is cost-effective but comes at a latency trade-off. Scaling up and down takes time and can result in participants experiencing different latencies. For high-stake assessments, this can cause issues. Testinvite offers a "turbo assessment delivery" option to keep more backend resources up and minimize latencies at an additional cost.

Online Proctoring for High-Stakes Assessments

Testinvite's assessment system is designed to provide both high concurrency for end users and assessment administrators. The system gathers real-time information from each participant, giving administrators and proctors total control over the assessment process. A live stream of information can be started, displaying progress on each assessment session to the administrator's screen. While our back-end services can handle high concurrency and continue to deliver information regardless of the number of participants, an administrator's computer may struggle to process large amounts of data, such as thousands of webcam and screencast streams. To address this, Testinvite's assessment software uses groups and labels to divide participants into smaller groups, allowing each administrator or proctor to connect to a smaller group of participants and maintain control over their assessment process.

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