Monitoring and proctoring features

Tools for supervising the assessment process

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

The monitoring and proctoring features provide complete control to test administrators during the assessment process.

Monitoring the assessment process

Testinvite integrates real-time data sources for a complete view of the assessment process. Track candidate login and test progress, identify completions.

Real-time monitoring of test session progress

Testinvite offers a real-time monitoring panel that enables live connectivity with test sessions. The panel provides up-to-date progress information for each test session in real-time.

Proctoring test sessions in real-time

Test sessions can be supervised by viewing the webcam and screen streams. You can select the test sessions and click on the Watch button to start a live proctoring session.

Post proctoring of completed tests

Post-proctoring panel is similar to the live-proctoring panel, but it allows test administrators to proctor only the completed test sessions.

Post proctoring of a single test session

The proctoring materials and associated cheating detections can be navigated through in the Monitoring tab of the test report.

  • You can navigate all the recorded proctoring materials
    • The flag represents the outcome of the proctoring process, and it can be one of several colors, each with its own interpretation
      • By default, the system automatically flags the test session based on the detections found in recorded materials. However, you can always turn off the automatic flagging and assign the flag manually.

        Live chat with test-takers

        You have the option to activate the live chat feature for your entire assessment, which allows test administrators to communicate with test-takers.

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