Conduct High-Stakes Proctored Tests Online

Browser-based Examination System with Screen Locking and full suite of best-in-class exam security and anti-cheating technologies — without any plugin or extension .

Created by TestInvite / May, 2024

Make Your Assessments Safe

Protect the integrity of your assessments by delivering lockdown exams through our secured & monitored web application.

No installiation required. 100% browser-based. Works with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari*
No installiation required. 100% browser-based. Works with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari*
Locks the screen and does not allow test-takers to move out of the test window.
Keeps track of all violations that occur. Ends the session automatically in case of repeated violations.
Logs all user actions for further audits.


Recorded Proctoring
Test-takers screen and webcam are recorded so that they can be looked through by a proctor in search for any undesirable activities.
Live Proctoring
Human invigilators monitor test-takers' webcam video and screens; supervise test-taker behavior to flag any suspicious activities.
Automated Proctoring
Artificial intelligence based cutting-edge cheating detection algorithms analyze video feed and deter fraudulent activities.


Get a live overview of the candidates' progress and status.
End and resume tests, send messages and accept chats.
Supervise the recorded materials during or after the assessment and flag test-takers.
Cheating detection algorithms assist proctors to identify misconducts.
Build your own proctoring team. Group test-takers and assign a proctor to each group.


Time Limits: Set a time limit on the test, on each section and on each page.
Randomize Questions: Create multiple versions of each question or create question pools and let the system randomly select.
Shuffle: The order of the sections, pages, questions and choices can be randomized for each test-taker.
Navigation Restrictions: Restict the way the test-taker navigates through the test and each section.
Preventions: Prevent right-click, spell-check, copy-paste and extenions like google translate, grammarly and so on.
QR Codes & Barcodes: Place QR codes or barcodes throuhout your test.


Single PasscodeUnique CredentialsInvitation Codes
Create a single passcode that allows all test-takers to get access into your assessment.Create unique credentials for each test-taker like passwords, pin numbers, identity numbers or username/password pairs.The system will generate a unique invitation code for each test-taker that you register.


  • Manual Activation: Manually activate or disactivate your assessment to allow & disallow access with ease.
    • Access Dates: Setup the dates and times the assessment will be accessible. Customize the workflow by fine-tuning access dates for each test inside your assessment.
      • Flexible Administration: Create exceptions for some test-takers so that custom access dates are applied to them.
        TestInvite is a very versatile platform with a super responsive team! We can test from anywhere, proctor from anywhere, and evaluate from anywhere, with safe limited access set ups. I also love that our organization is the administrator of the tests, we control all the set ups and access. The customization options fit our unique testing needs. The points payment process is also very straight forward and easy to budget with. No other test/proctor service is comparable.
        Geneva Scurek
        Senior Manager, Training, Exams, and Certifications, German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, Inc.
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        15,000+ happy customers from 80+ countries
        15,000+ happy customers from 80+ countries
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