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Exam builder with many customization options, with your original questions

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Our online assessment tools enable you to create custom assessments for different objectives.

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Our online assessment platform enables you to provide advanced security and protect the assessment integrity.

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Our online assessment system enables you to apply remote assessments anytime and anywhere you want with device compatibility and multi-language support.

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Create A Great Variety Of Online Assessments

Aptitude / IQ Tests

Explore and compare cognitive abilities of candidates, analytical skills, and mental strengths.

Language Level Tests

Confirm the language level of candidates in a foreign language with a multi-dimensional approach. Measure vocabulary knowledge, grammar usage, speaking and writing skills, or reading and listening ability of participants.

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Psychometric Assessments

Create all kinds of psychometric tests and apply them online with safety measures.

Personality Tests & Inventories

Create and use a wide range of personality inventory with multiple scales. Apply it online, and get automated reports.

Screening Tests

Identify fields that test-takers have strengths or weaknesses by performing screening tests consisting of many sections, categories, and dimensions.

Learning Assessments

Match the test results with the learning outcomes. Easily measure what learning objectives have gained by applying post-training testing.

Objective Assessments

Create objective assessments from simple to complex with multiple-choice, matching, and sorting questions.

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Subjective Assessments

Ask subjective questions and collect responses in text, audio, video, file, or any other format.

Coding Assessments

Perform online tests that can answered by writing codes in more than 100 programming languages.

Practice Tests

Before the real one, give practice exams. Easefully identify who needs improvement in which subject and who is ready for the exam.

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Objective and Subjective Question Types

Scoring Options – Custom Creation

Question Bank Integration – Labelling Questions

Time Limits and Going Forward-Backward Settings

Question Shuffling

Exam builder with many customization options, with your original questions

Testinvite online assessment creator includes a wide range of solutions for your remote assessment needs. Use the assessment creator, design assessment processes from simple to complex, and conduct them in a secure platform using advanced features.

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Authentication and E-mail Invitations

Exam Security & Remote Proctoring

Advanced Exam Reporting

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Highly Compatible Online Assessment Creator for Your Scope

Testinvite online assessment solutions are highly compatible with assessment needs in a great variety of application areas. Testinvite online assessment creator serves to professionals in;

It is the most advanced exam editor I have ever seen. You can create all kinds of exam setups. Everything has been considered.
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Online Test Creator for Instructors

Education is one of the most prevalent areas of usage of an online assessment. Education systems rapidly moving to the digital environment made an online assessment of high significance. If you are new to online education systems as instructors, it is possible that you are not familiar with and feeling nervous about this shift. However, once you see the convenience of online test generators, you will be convinced to keep using them. With the help of the easy test builder of Testinvite, you will easily get accustomed to creating and conducting online exams. Plus, with the exam security measures provided, your students will not feel your absence since you will be there remotely proctoring them during the exams.

Digital Assessment Tools in Hiring Process

It is a known fact that digital assessment tools occupy an important place in the hiring process. With online conducted assessments, hiring the right person for your company is not an issue anymore. You can measure your candidates’ suitability to your company through general aptitude tests and have comprehensive information about their abilities. Via various personality inventories, you can evaluate the features that you think your employees should have. Skills assessment tests will enable you to evaluate work-specific skills and place your candidates in suitable positions. The credible results you will get from talent and skills assessments will help you develop your company through the new, efficiently hired employees.

Types of Exams in Online Assessment

Online assessment tools are used in various fields. Educational assessments, pre-employment assessments, in-company assessments, and exams for certification and licensure are the main fields that online assessment tools are used in. Easily designed exam structures allow you to customize your exams according to the field that you will be conducting your assessment. Subjective and objective assessments with multiple-choice questions or open-ended questions involving text, audio, video, or any other format will allow you to conduct your educational assessments exhaustively. Aptitude tests, psychometric tests, and personality inventories are useful assessment tools, especially in pre-employment assessments. In-company assessments that you will conduct to maintain corporate training are an efficient way of skill assessment and progress tracking for your employees. Also, conducting exams for certification and licensure securely is possible with Testinvite.

Traits of Online Assessment Tools

There are mainly 3 types of questions you can create through Testinvite: multiple-choice questions, matching, and sorting questions, open-ended questions. In multiple-choice questions, you can add as many choices as you want and rearrange the choices you have added. In matching and sorting questions, the user is asked to match a set of items with a set of options. In open-ended questions, you can decide the answer types; the user can answer in the format of the text, audio, video, code, or other files. Through the question bank feature, you can store and manage your questions and shuffle the question order in exams.