Custom Development Options and Services for the Assessment Software

Isn’t Testinvite exactly what you need? Do you need us to enhance the product’s capabilities or improve existing features so that you take the maximum advantage out of it?

Created by TestInvite / May, 2024

TestInvite is a remote assessment software that went live in January 2019. Since our first release, we have followed a customer centric product development model which we call “Customer Co-operated Product Development”. The model’s main objective is to lead the product towards a direction where its design, infrastructure and features satisfy both existing and future customers, maximizing the product-market fit. In order to reach this objective, we go to great lengths to listen to our customers' feedback and build close relationships that allow us to transfer ideas and suggestions to each other.

As a potential customer, your journey starts with a free 1-hour consultation meeting where our solution specialists listen to your requirements and show you how the product is addressing them. Most of the time, the product fits perfectly into what you are looking for because our platform is already in use in more than 70 countries by 1.000+ customers. However, if there are some missing features, we take note of them and within a couple of days we get back to you with a solution proposal, –only if the feature request fits into our product. In most cases, the solution proposal consists of developing a new feature that will address your use-case. We let you know about how much time will be necessary to implement the new feature and how much of the cost will need to be funded by your side. If your request does not fit into the product, or if it causes too much trouble for other users, we try our best to come up with alternative solutions.

Thanks to our approach, we can make the product a better fit for your needs. Sometimes only a minor extension or making available a new configuration option can make the product much more useful for you. Sometimes you need a completely new way of handling an operation, which will help you to save time and money. Sometimes the product is a great fit for you, but there is one last detail that stops you from being able to use it. For all these cases, Testinvite is very unique in the sense that, not only it is already a rich and powerful assessment platform, but it also gives you the opportunity to enhance it according to your needs.

We follow a list of criteria that help us decide on how much of the cost will be requested from your side. The answers to each of the questions below either increases or decreases the portion of the cost that will be requested.

  • Is the requested feature a pain killer?
    • Does the feature perfectly fit into the product?
      • Does the feature introduce new complexity into the product?

        For example, if the requested feature is a pain killer, we do our best to reflect the minimum of the development cost.

        Since January 2019, we’ve delivered more than 100 custom development requests from our customers. Each and every customer enjoys the full-set of features that are made available.

        Please feel free to contact your solution representative for any kind of feature requests that will make the product fit better into what you really need.

        Before you ask, we respond:

        • Does the newly developed feature become available to all users?

          Yes, all the features that we develop become a part of the product. We do not develop new features that do not become part of the product.

          • Why do I need to pay for a feature that all customers benefit from?

            We only take and deliver the feature requests that add value to the product. The reason we do not reflect the full cost is because while we deliver your request, we add value to the product as well. So, we try to build a win-win relationship.

            • What about the costs? Can I get an idea of the price range?

              Until today we have delivered more than a hundred customer development requests and the cost that has been reflected to the customer has been between $100 and $25.000. If the request requires more than one month to deliver, we offer to divide the project into smaller meaningful parts.

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