Pre-start settings

Request test-takers to submit documents

Created by Mustafa Ekim / January, 2023

Prior to starting a test, you have the option to request that test-takers upload specific documents or photos.

You can configure the desired documents by accessing the task settings, selecting the orange gear icon next to the relevant step, and opening the Pre-start panel.

  1. Select the "Require documents for starting the test" option.
    1. To add new documents to be requested, click on the red button labeled "Add new document definition" located below.
      1. The documents can be submitted by uploading a file
        1. The documents can be submitted by taking a photo through the webcam
          1. The document can be marked as required, which means test-takers will not be allowed to proceed without submitting it.

            Adding a new document definition

            Upon clicking on the "Add new document definition" button, you will  be presented a form where you can define the settings for the document such as submission methods, title, description, and whether it is required or optional.

            1. Enter a title for the document you wish to request.
              1. You can add more details about the requested document in the description field provided.
                1. Choose your preferred submission method.
                  1. You can mark a document as required if you want the test-taker to submit it before proceeding with the test. By selecting the "required" option, the test-taker will not be able to proceed without submitting the document.

                    Available methods for submitting a document

                    • File upload: This option allows the test-taker to upload the requested file or photo from their computer. The file upload option is the most common way to receive documents, as test-takers can easily locate and upload files. 
                      • Web camera: This option allows the test-taker to use their webcam and take a photo of the desired document or photo.
                        • Both: This option provides both the file upload and web camera options to the test-taker. The test-taker can choose the most convenient option for them, based on the availability of the document or photo they need to provide.

                          Test-taker experience for document submission

                          Once the documents are configured, the test-taker will be prompted to upload them before beginning the test.

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