Reporting settings

Auto generated norms and custom templates

Created by Mustafa Ekim / January, 2023

You can customize the reporting of any one of your tests inside the assessment.

To configure the reporting settings of a step (test) inside your assessment, go to the task settings, select the orange gear icon next to the desired step, and open the reporting panel.

The customization options include:

Determining a norm to compare each test result with

The report for each test result may contain a comparison section that compares the test result to the established norm. You have the option to either import your own custom norm or choose from among the following automatically generated norms

Auto generated norms

  • Compare with Results in this Task: The norm will consist of all test results associated with the corresponding task.
    • Compare with Results across all Tasks: The norm will include the results of all tests from all tasks.

      Cache expiration

      For improved performance, all norms are cached, and you can specify the duration until the cached standard expires and is updated with new test results.

      Customizing test reports

      Each test within an assessment has a default report template. However, you can create a custom template for any of your tests.

      Including a custom report header

      The test report can include a custom header that you can create using the rich content editor. The content editor provides the ability to add formatted text and images.

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