Evaluating subjective questions

Manual grading and rubric-based scoring for subjective questions

Created by Mustafa Ekim / February, 2023

You can assess responses to subjective questions within a test. Once the evaluations are submitted, the test report is updated, and all relevant figures are recalculated.

Finding tests waiting for evaluation

After a test is submitted, all subjective questions within it are marked as "waiting for evaluation". To locate the test sessions in "waiting for evaluation" status, navigate to the related Task manager, switch to the Test sessions panel, load a batch of test sessions given your search criteria, and select "Extended view" for the table where test sessions are listed.

The table in extended view includes a column titled "# of missing evaluations" which displays the number of answers within each test session that are waiting for evaluation. This allows you to quickly identify the test sessions that require grading.

Evaluating answers

To evaluate answers of subjective questions in a test session, click on the Score button in the column corresponding to the relevant test session, which will open the report for that session.

The report summary will also indicate the number of questions that are waiting for evaluation.

  1. On the top, click on the "Answers" tab.
    1. You will see the sections and pages of the test session on the left. Pages that include subjective questions waiting for evaluation are marked with orange icons. Click on one of these pages to display the questions within the page on the right panel.
      1. You can enter the evaluation score as a percentage value into the manual evaluation box after reading the given answer.
        1. You can navigate to other pages and continue grading answers. Once you have completed grading all answers, click on the "Update evaluations" button.
          Step-by-step evaluation process<br>
          Step-by-step evaluation process

          The point value of the question is multiplied by the percentage score to calculate the final point value awarded for that question.

          For example, a question with a point value of 1 and a percentage score of 70% would result in a point value of 0.7 for that question.

          Using nominal point values for grading answers

          If you would like to evaluate answers using nominal point values rather than percentages, you can toggle the switch button next to the evaluation input field. When this mode is activated, you will be prompted to enter a point value that corresponds to the number of points assigned to the question.

          In the above example, as the question is assigned a point value of 1, you can enter a point value that is less than 1.
          In the above example, as the question is assigned a point value of 1, you can enter a point value that is less than 1.

          Rubric-based evaluation of answers

          If a question has a rubric, you must use it to evaluate the answer.

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