Fullscreen lockdown

Configuring the lockdown rules

Created by Mustafa Ekim / January, 2023

The test can be administered in lock down mode, requiring the test-taker to remain in full-screen mode throughout the duration of the examination.

To set up lock down options for a specific step in your assessment, go to the task settings, click on the orange gear icon located beside the target step, and access the Lockdown mode panel.

Administering a test in full-screen mode

To administer a test in full-screen mode, select the "Full-screen mode" option. This will reveal additional configuration options.

Auto resuming

By default, a test delivered in full-screen mode does not permit the test-taker to exit and return later to continue. However, this behavior can be modified by enabling the resume option.

Once the resume option is activated, you can configure the following additional settings:

  • The number of times the test-taker can resume the test.
    • The maximum time allowed for resuming the test after quitting.

      Auto flagging

      The system has the capability to flag certain test sessions automatically by determining the cumulative duration of interruptions that took place during testing. To activate this auto-flagging feature, you can establish a time threshold, beyond which a test session will be flagged.

      Lockdown settings

      The lockdown mode tracks any breaches/violation that happen during the course of the testing. You have the ability to set the conditions for automatic termination of the test.

      • Violation Count Limit: The system will keep a tally of the number of times the lockdown rule has been broken, and the test will be automatically terminated once the specified limit is reached.
        • Violation Time Limit per Incident: The system will monitor the length of each violation, and the test will be terminated if any single violation exceeds the designated time limit.
          • Accumulated Violation Time Limit: The system will keep track of the combined duration of all violations that occur, and the test will be automatically terminated once the total time exceeds the set limit.
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