Publishing test results

Grant test-takers access to their test reports

Created by Mustafa Ekim / January, 2023

You can grant test-takers access to their test reports based on the level of access you have configured.

To grant access, go to the Task settings and expand the Steps section. Click on the orange gear icon next to the test for which you would like test-takers to have access to the report. Expand the Feedback panel and configure the components that will be visible in their test reports.

Test reporting components that you can make available to the test-takers

  • Access can be granted to the test report summary, and you can choose which elements, such as interpretations, norm comparisons, and custom reports, will be visible within the summary.
    • Test-takers can be granted access to the Questions and Answers of their test session, and you can decide whether to include rubrics and feedback for the questions.
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