Screen recording

Recording the screen of the test-taker

Created by Mustafa Ekim / January, 2023

You have the option to mandate that the screen of the test-taker be recorded for the entire duration of the testing.

To update the screen recording settings of a step, go to the task settings, select the orange gear icon beside the desired step, and open the screen recording panel.

Screen recording settings<br>
Screen recording settings

Two options are available for recording the screen of the test-taker: capturing screenshots or creating a video recording.

Capturing screenshots

Screenshots are taken automatically at set intervals.

Video recording

The screen is captured in video format.

Real-time monitoring of the screens

The real-time monitoring panel provides access to all recorded materials as they happen. This enables you to observe the screens of the test-takers while they are undergoing the test.

Reviewing all the recordings once the testing has finished

The recorded materials can be reviewed after the test sessions have been concluded. You have the ability to simultaneously view screen recordings of multiple test-takers, regardless of whether the tests were conducted at different times.

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