Taking consent

Take consents from test-takers.

Created by Batuhan Özgü / October, 2022


  1. Click Organization.
    1. Select Consent.

      Consent forms

      You can create Consent forms for users to agree to before taking a test. They will see the forms before taking the exam and they need to agree to it if they want to take the test.

      1. Activates or disables Consent forms.
        1. You can create a customized messages for Test-takers before reading the Consent form.
          1. Ongoing active Consent forms.

            To create a Consent form press the red button with the + icon then write a title for your Consent form.

            Creating consent form<br>
            Creating consent form

            Select the document you want to use as a Consent form

            Selecting document<br>
            Selecting document

            Then select the Consent document type:

            Selecting consent document type<br>
            Selecting consent document type

            This option will change the way the Consent form is presented. There is 2 type of documents we can use as Consent forms. Explicit display and Close display:

            Explicit display

            The Explicit display will show the Test-taker a full-screen Consent form upon logging into the test. With the Explicit display, you can also force the Test-taker to read the whole Consent form before agreeing to it by clicking on 'First confirm After Reading the Document'.

            Explicit display<br>
            Explicit display

            Close display

            Close display will present the Test-taker with a closed Consent form. The Test-taker needs to open and read the Consent form manually.

            Only after agreeing to Consent form can the users start the test.

            Close display<br>
            Close display
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