Free Online Pratice Tests, Exams, and Mock Test Series

Testinvite Online Practice Exams Evaluation Center holds many online practice exams in different categories suitable for distance education system in its library. By trying English placement exams English exemption test samples, English proficiency exam samples and prepatory exam samples, assessment and evaluation tests, recruitment test samples, general aptitude test samples and sample IQ tests in Testinvite Online Practice Exams Library, you can measure current and potential competencies; evaluate results with detailed and advanced reporting offered to you by Testinvite.

This page includes free online practice tests and has been designed by Test Invite so that you can assess your knowledge of different subjects.

English level Sample Tests

Online English
Level Tests

Test your English level with free online English level tests. You can see your qualification in English language skills with different question types and

formats. See your level of reading, listening, grammar, and writing skills in English and learn your English level score between A1-C2 with online exam result reports.

Sample English Proficiency Exams from Universities

Online English Proficiency Tests from Universities

Check out publicly available English proficiency tests from reputable universities and see your English level. Many universities conduct English

proficiency tests for different purposes as student placement to English prep schools or student exchange programs.

English Proficiency Tests

Take these sample English proficiency exams and evaluate the pros and cons of your ability in English usage.

Proficiency Tests for Erasmus Program

Determine your language proficiency with the Erasmus proficiency tests of universities.

General aptitude, IQ and skill sample tests

Online General Aptitude Tests and IQ Tests

Discover the assessment tests that you can face in the recruitment and interview processes. If you are a job candidate, you can prepare yourself for

these processes by solving general aptitude tests and IQ tests.

General Aptitude Tests

Measure your abilities such as reasoning, judgment, short-term memory, and many others.

IQ Tests

Take international IQ tests and measure your IQ range with result reports.

With all these practice tests, test your knowledge on the relevant subjects and evaluate your results in a detailed way thanks to the advanced test report. Test your proficiency in various fields by participating in the exams in the Testinvite Online Practice Exams Library, identify the subjects you are lacking and improve them.

Testinvite Online Practice Tests Library, which includes many practice tests, consists of professional tests that appeal to both the experts who manage the recruitment process, the personnel candidates who take part in this process and the students who want to improve themselves. For example you can gain inclusive and objective information about English practice exam samples, exemption exam samples and English grammar. Aside from this, you can measure sample general ability tests and IQ tests and reasoning and judgment in the recruitment and interview processes and many other features, contributing to your progress plan with the detailed test reports you will get.

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