Prevent cheating in hiring tests

The anti-cheating features that will make your assessments output dependable results.

4 security levels to comply with your integrity requirements.

If counter measures are not taken, more than 25% of candidates attempt cheating. When cheating occurs, the cheaters go into the top of your short-list whereas the right candidates stay in the middle. In such a scenario, not only you miss the chance of making a good hire but also you risk of making a bad hire.

A bad hire has very negative outcomes. You loose your time, money and new problems are introduced. This is why we put assessment integrity at the core of our solution. Learn more


Entry level

Webcam Webcam is required. Photos are automatically taken at intervals and they become available at the test report.
Fullscreen The test can only be taken in fullscreen.
Auto-flagging How long the candidate goes off fullscreen is recorded. The test report can automatically be flagged if total off-fullscreen duration exceeds a given limit.


Everything in Light plus...

Screen recording Screenshots are automatically taken at intervals and they become available in the test report.
Screen lock The test session is automatically terminated if the user violates the fullscreen lock. The terminating rules are configurable.
Live chat The test administrator can chat with candidates before, after and while taking tests. Optionally the candidates can also be let to start a live chat.
Detailed logging All user events are recorded and are made available for both investigation and audit purposes.
Live proctoring Test administrator can monitor all ongoing test sessions in real-time. The stream of photos and screenshots of nultiple candidates can be watched live.
Post proctoring Test administrator can watch stream of photos and screenshots of multiple candidates after the assessment is complete.


Everything in Pro but with videos

Webcam Webcam video is recorded including audio.
Screen recording Screen video is recorded.
Live Proctoring Recorded screen and webcan video can be watched in real-time.
Post Proctoring Test administrator can watch webcam and screen videos of multiple candidates after the assessment is complete.


Everything in Expert plus...

Auto cheating detection Artificial intelligence backed algorithms analyze the recorded proctoring materials and deter fraudulent activities.

Pre-employment testing done right.