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Design high-quality exams with online educational software, test students anywhere and anytime you want.

Eliminate academic dishonesty with our online proctoring solutions and prevent exam cheating.

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Hundreds of prestigious educational institutions including universities, colleges, medical schools, language schools and more, are using Testinvite educational assessment software.

Southern Cross University uses Testinvite
Eduexplora uses Testinvite
University of Delaware uses Testinvite
Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy uses Testinvite
British Columbia Institute of Technology uses Testinvite
Langports Language College uses Testinvite
Heritage University uses Testinvite
Henderson Educational Services uses Testinvite
Johannes Kepler University Linz uses Testinvite

Digital and Secure Assessment Solutions to Educators

Assess your students by proven learning outcomes, detailed exam result reports. Educators can administer efficient remote exams and get valuable insights about the learning cycles of each student with Testinvite student assessment software for schools.

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Ability to create custom online exams

Design Customizable Exam Structures with Ease

Proctoring feature to prevent cheating and academic dishonesty

Instantly Detect and Prevent Exam Cheating

Custom exam reports for analyzing exams results

Quickly Generate Exam Result Reports

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Easily Design Customizable Exam Structures

For different courses, you’ll need to differ in assessment and evaluation criteria. To adapt particular course objectives in a digital environment with customized exam structures, Testinvite student assessment software allows you to;

Design a wide range of objective and subjective question types for different courses

Prepare an explanatory exam guide for students before the exam

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Generate an extensive question bank, categorize questions to subjects, difficulty levels, etc. and keep them in digital

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Determine weighted scores for each question and automatically calculate grades in multiple dimensions.

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Create multiple sections, pages, and tasks in an exam process

Set or restrict navigation options for students between pages and sections

It is the easiest and most flexible question bank that we have ever seen. The tagging system is very well implemented. We easily manage more than 4,000 questions.
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Instantly Detect and Prevent Exam Cheating

For taking reliable results from an assessment process, you need to apply an effective anti-cheating policy in examination processes. To preventing academic dishonesty in digital exams, Testinvite educational assessment software allows you to;

Ask randomly chosen questions and shuffle questions, differentiate and customize the exam order for each student.

Set particular time limits for the exam, also its sections, pages, and questions.

Simultaneously monitor students during the exam and record videos and photos through webcams and screens.

Prevent screen sharing among students with QR code and Barcode tracking.

Log and monitor detailed student activities until the exam finishes.

Online & Remote Assessment Proctoring

Proctors can watch live both webcam and screen recordings videos of all the exam participants.

Proctored Secure Online Exams with Webcam Video and Screen Recording in Lockdown Browser

Quickly Generate Exam Result Reports

Detailed exam result reports are necessary to gain in-depth insights about learning outcomes. To evaluate student learning with more constructive approach, Testinvite student assessment software allows you to;

Generate detail-oriented reports, compare group scores within radar chart

Take comparison scorecards that are getting from each section, page, and question

Get detailed Q&A reports for each student

Give feedback to students in reports.

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Digital Assessment Tool for Education

Assessment is the most vital point in education. With the growing influence of technology in our lives, assessment in education has turned its face to technology as well. The use of digital assessment tools in education is much more widespread than you might think. Not just because of necessity but because of the convenience it brings to our lives. Through the digital assessment tools, it is easier to track the students’ progress and evaluate their development. Easiness of creating online exams makes it accessible to every instructor without any advanced technological information. Generating customizable assignments are possible for educational institutions of all levels via digital assessment tools.

Secure Online Assessment Software

Security is considered one of the vaguest points of an online assessment. Because of the lack of information about online assessment software, security can be a brain twister. However, through the online exam safety measures, it is really easy to provide security and assure the reliability of your online assessments. Generating reliable exam results is one of the vital parts of Testinvite’s offers. Via Testinvite’s secure exam browser, you can maintain high security in the online assessments you are conducting. Either by managing question orders and types, or remote proctoring, you can make your assessment process secure and credible.