Getting to the Front Lines: Determining Cultural Fit
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Hiring for Attitude

The pre-employment test is basically a series of tests whose general objective lies in the efficient and objective collection of information regarding the candidates taken into account by an organization during the hiring process, which is why it is possible to obtain detailed information on the capabilities and characteristics of selected candidates with the intention of estimating their performance in a given area of work.
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Getting to the Front Line: Determining Cultural Fit

So far, we have obtained information from executives and the people who are involved in the hiring process. Now we will go to the front lines and talk to the people who are closer to the new hires.

As there are a lot more people who are working on the front lines, in-person interviews are difficult to carry out. Therewithal, you need a different way to conduct with the employees than you did with the manager interviews, because you are asking to get information about themselves and their colleagues. The best is to do online surveys amongst the employees.

The survey for the employees will comprise between six to ten open-ended questions. The best questions must be to validate the data that you already obtained from the interviews with the executives so that you can elicit the most detailed responses and a get clear picture. Questions that are focused to give you specific answers will help you to develop and finalize your hallmarks. You can also ask questions to confirm what you have understood of the issue, this will help you to clarify the issue you deal with and flesh out the specifics that are needed to develop your hallmarks.

When you are done with the interviewing and surveying, you will obtain a great understanding of the attitudes that do match and do not match with your organization’s culture.

One issue about surveys concerning many organizations is whether the participation will be efficient or not. We have seen that the participation increases as long as constructive feedbacks from the surveys are built. Employees who see a value in these surveys will be eager to participate more and they will be happier to get involved.

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Getting to the Front Lines: Determining Cultural Fit
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