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Safeguarding your company's assessment process
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Created by Mustafa Ekim / April, 2023

With its disruptive impact, ChatGPT has affected many processes, including the hiring process, which previously ran smoothly. It's clear that ChatGPT can effortlessly pass official exams. As a result, it has become easier for candidates to excel in online hiring assessments using ChatGPT. The question is whether your company's assessment processes designed before the emergence of ChatGPT can still be relied upon.

Companies that fail to recognize the impact of ChatGPT may face challenges in their future hiring processes and discover that their hiring tests no longer provide reliable information about candidates.

Use of hiring tests in recruitment

Using hiring tests offers significant advantages to all parties involved by reducing costs and time associated with mismatches between companies and potential hires. Testing has become an efficient and effective way to gather valuable information and measure various aspects of candidates such as personality traits, competencies in various skills, knowledge in specific domains, foreign language proficiency, and more.

However, the cheating involving the use of ChatGPT in hiring tests such as aptitude tests or English level tests can lead to unreliable results. ChatGPT's ability to provide excellent answers to all questions makes it difficult to differentiate between authentic and AI-generated responses. To ensure the reliability of test results, it is crucial to prevent the use of ChatGPT.

What measures can you take to safeguard your company's assessment process against the use of ChatGPT?

Here are some measures you can take to prevent the use of ChatGPT during the hiring test:

  • To ensure the integrity of your hiring tests, consider using an online assessment software with a lockdown browser feature. This feature prevents candidates from leaving the testing interface and using ChatGPT or similar AI bots to answer questions, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of test results.
    • Consider utilizing an online assessment software that has the ability to capture the candidate's screen during the testing process.
      • It is important to disable the ability to copy text within the testing interface to prevent cheating. Otherwise, it becomes too easy for the candidate to copy the question and pass it on to ChatGPT

        While this list may not be exhaustive, implementing these measures can help safeguard the integrity of your hiring assessments and reduce the incidence of cheating. Additional measures, such as webcam recording, real-time proctoring, live monitoring, and live chat with test-takers, can also be effective in preventing cheating.

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